What to expect

What to expect

Our place of worship seeks to make every newcomer’s time with us as welcoming as possible.

The whole idea of ‘What to Expect’ on a church website has changed with Covid-19. What once would be a page about the culture, faith and activities of the church now also contains information about sanitation and health.

As a church we follow all government regulations regarding Places of Worship and Covid-19. Guidelines can be found here. We are regularly cleaning our facility and equipment, we track attendance in case contact tracing is required, and we ensure social distancing. Many of our previous activities such as coffee time and potluck meals are on hold at this time. Ministries such as women’s ministry, young adults, care groups and others have all adapted to the current reality and are continuing. You can explore those ministries on the Gather and Grow  sections of our site.

Sunday Mornings

When you arrive on a Sunday morning, we ask that you enter through our parking lot entrance and then proceed to our sign-in desk in the foyer. We have masks available, including child-sized masks, for those who do not have their own mask. After signing in, individuals are welcome to enter the sanctuary through the doors closest to the sign-in desk.

Currently our sanctuary layout is quite different as the majority of chairs have been removed allowing us to ensure social distancing. Rather than our usual rows we have created groupings of chairs for that family units can sit in. Each grouping of chairs is socially distanced from other chairs.

Anyone attending is welcome to sing when wearing a mask. Alternatives to singing including reflecting on the words, quietly speaking the words, or praying along with the songs. Much of the remaining service will feel ‘normal’. We regularly include video components to allow those who are participating at home to be involved in the service. At times we have pre-recorded announcements, prayers, scripture readings or worship music.

During the church service we have children’s programs for age 2 to grade 1. The programs run for the whole service. Children need to check in at the Kids Ministry sign-in desk in the foyer. Our programs provide a fun, safe, and learning environment for the children. Note that the children’s programming does not run-on long weekends.

Following the service many people enjoy visiting, and we encourage this, but ask that people follow all the normal Covid guidelines and recommendations. We expect people to social distance following the service.

When exiting the sanctuary, people are asked to use the door on the opposite side of the sanctuary than the door used for entry. When leaving the church building, we ask you to leave through the door facing Pasqua St. If weather permits, we encourage people to visit outside and to ensure proper spacing.

All of our Sunday activities are running at reduced numbers. Currently the Sunday morning attendance is just over one third of our pre-Covid numbers and the number of children attending the children’s ministry programs is also reduced However, many others join us online, and we feel we worship as one church whether we attend online or in person. No one approach is better than the other, and we want individuals to worship in the way they feel most comfortable.

Our Community

What are we like as a church community? We are a diverse group of people. We have all ages present in our church and we represent many cultures. We have people who grew up in our denomination, and others who are here because they found a place to belong. While we practice baptism upon the confession of faith, by immersion, we welcome all believers to attend and join with our community as we journey forward – no matter what form of baptism has been part of your past. Some individuals attend on a week to week basis because they are exploring what faith may mean for their lives.

We welcome all who desire to grow and understand who Jesus is and how faith in Him can be life-changing. As a church we invite you to experience our friendliness and care. We are not a perfect community, but we strive to grow as followers of Jesus and to love our neighbors more and more. We hope you will take time to discover who we are – whether it be through exploring our website, joining us online for a service, checking out past services, or coming to worship with us in person.

For more information please contact:

Pastor Mike Engbers
Lead Pastor
Email: Phone: 306-586-0101
pastor mike engbers