giving at pcc

giving at pcc

As a church, we practice giving as an act of worship.

We give back to God from the blessings we have in our live that God has given us. Each of us determines how much we are able to give. We have three ways you can donate to the church. We ensure we choose methods of giving that minimize fees or charges.

You can give to the church using one of the following methods:

In Person / Mail

If you wish to make a donation in person, please drop your donation in the black offering boxes located on both sides of the sound booth at the back of the sanctuary. Offering envelopes are provided at the offering boxes. Please mark any designations on the offering envelopes and please include your name or envelope number. If you wish to give by cheque, but cannot do so in person you can mail your cheque to:

Parliament Community Church
4011 Pasqua Street
Regina, SK.  S4S 6C8

mobile phone icon with dollar sign


We recognize we are moving more and more to a digital environment. To facilitate giving in a way familiar to many, we are setup to accept email money transfers (E-transfers).

E-transfers may be emailed to:
Automatic deposit is enabled, so no password is required.

In order for us to be able to provide a tax receipt at year end, on your first E-transfer, please include your name and address in the message box.

If you wish to designate your donation other than to the General Fund, please indicate the designation in the message box.

automatic withdrawal

Automatic Withdrawal

For those who want to make sure they give regularly and consistently, we recommend using our Automatic Withdrawal option. Just like your mortgage is automatically withdrawn from your account, we can setup your donations to come out on the day(s) of your choosing. To explore this option please contact the church treasurer by emailing .

For more information on this area of ministry please contact:

Phone: 306-586-0101