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PCC Library Summer Reading Challenge

This summer, the Library Committee will be hosting a Summer Reading Challenge from July 1 to September 3.  Every person is encouraged to peruse the church library, check out books, and participate! 

Three Categories:
Children- 12 and Under
Teen- 13-17
Adult (18+)

Everyone is encouraged to pick up a Log Book from the designated table in the library (will be available starting June 26. For those at home, you can download the pictures below to keep track). Keep track of the time you spend reading books FROM THE CHURCH LIBRARY (log every 15 minutes for Children and every 30 minutes for teens/adults).  Once you have filled up your card, write your name and contact information and place in the box corresponding with your age category.

Prizes for each category will be drawn on September 4. You may submit as many log books as you read over the summer.

There are many new books and resources available in the library that will help you reach your reading goals over summer. If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Kramer, Nicole Dressler, or Cara Engbers.