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Schroeder’s June 2021 Missions Update


“It was way better than I thought it would be.” 

“This is so much fun!” 

“Love the hammock.” 

These are a couple of the comments from the Shayil Home gals when they have gone out to the campground. 


In October 2020, Shayil Home was able to bring girls into their program again. Kate and I have been meeting with them individually every week via Zoom to do Genesis Process. Over the summer, the gals will now be going out to the campground every other week. We get to see them face-to-face, which has made a difference in connecting with them!! This has been a great time of getting to know them on a more personal level and to have fun with them. 

These days include a variety of things. For devotional time, we are going through the book Stranger on the Road to Emmaus. After devo time, there are a variety of things that we to do like times of worship, playing outside games like horseshoes and mini golf, kayaking, or just having relax time. Hearing their laughter and seeing them have fun has been very refreshing. 

Every other week we continue to work through Genesis Process with each gal. 

We are so grateful that we could have our CMA Biker Blessing again this year. We had 35 people come out—we know these are the people that God wanted us to minster to this year. It was Covid style. There were two lines and as bikers came they were prayed for and given a gift, but no food could be served which is always a draw. Some of them hung around and it was great to reconnect and visit with people we have not seen for a long time. We also had a few new people as well, which was exciting. 


Update on HHMI Transition 

The Steering Committee has been very busy—we have been meeting once a week for meetings. We have a coach, on this committee, that has taught us a lot about Team Life Curves, Healthy Team Culture, as well as leadership styles. This has been invaluable to us as we identify and evaluate significant areas that are in need of attention and improvement as we seek the direction of our organization. 

Roles that need to be filled are Executive Director, Accountant, and Administrator. Our current bookkeeper will be moving and will be done in September and our Administrator is unable to continue long-term. 

Also in transition is the Healing Hearts church in Regina. Our lead pastor resigned, effective June 30. We are now in the process of transition and praying about how this will look in the future. 

I ask you to pray for HHMI, the Board, and the Steering Committee during this time of transition that we would follow the Lord’s leading and guiding in this process. This is His ministry and we want to follow His lead. 



• For a God who shows His faithfulness every day. 

• Seeing God’s healing in the lives of those I am journeying with. 

• That we have been healthy and can continue working and ministering. 

• For you, my supporters and encouragers. I am blessed! 



• That we would find times of rest. 

• Pray that we would keep our focus on God and His plans and purposes 

Wisdom & discernment for the HHMI Steering Committee and HHMI Board. For HHMI, as whole, during the transition time.