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Helliwell’s October 2020 Missions Update

Nick and Vivian Helliwell

PDF Prayer Letter

Please click on the link to view our Prayer Letter in PDF format.


Regina Provincial Correctional Centre Update

I have been back at the jail since August. Since Sandra Reid has retired, David Nelson and I are the only two chaplains who are carrying the workload. However, Barb Larratt of Gateway Fellowship has been able to help out a few hours each week as she is the Chaplain at the Women’s Centre which is currently shut down.

Prayer Requests

  • Pray that we will find the right person to fill Sandra’s position. She left quite a legacy and while she can never be replaced, we pray God would send the right person.
  • Pray that Chapels would resume soon.
  • Pray that the ban on volunteers will lift and that programming will resume.
  • Pray that Dave and I would be able to carry the workload and be ready when regular Chaplaincy programming resumes.


Family Update

I got a call today from my mom who said that my oldest brother Blair experienced a diabetes related collapse. He is in the hospital now and is receiving appropriate treatment. Please pray there are no lasting consequences from this episode.

As for our family, we decided to enroll our kids in online learning this year as we now have all the computers we need. They are all doing very well and we are very proud them. Kristian, Adrienne and Keesha will all graduate this year!

Although I had an MRI in late August on my hips, I have not yet received my results. Vivian had day surgery on her back. We are grateful to the Lord that although it was elective surgery, the cost was covered. She is recovering very well.

We have opened our home to T.J. and his daughter. T.J. is trying to find himself and his daughter a permanent home and job. However, while he was here, he was a big help in getting our removed trees chopped up and sold as firewood.

And finally, the big reveal. My Covid project.