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Schroeder’s October 2020 Missions Update

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Addressing Stress

“Are you stressed?”

Whenever I was asked that question I would say “No.” Honestly, I could never define stress. To me stress has been ambiguous and undefinable.

Michael Dye says, “The number one problem that people in our society struggle with is STRESS. As much as 80% of all our physical and mental problems are stress related.”

Gabor Mate says, “The research literature has identified three factors that universally lead to stress: uncertainty, the lack of information, and the loss of control.”

This spring and summer, I struggled with health problems and exhaustion. Added to that was everything Covid related. As I was sharing this with a friend, she read an article by Michael Dye which said, “stress (anxiety, worry) is another word for fear…Ask yourself what you are afraid of…once you name the fear it reduces stress/anxiety, then you can do something about it.”

I realized I had been stressed for quite some time and decided to slow down, have time with God and give myself time to heal. As I began to name my fears and the lies I believed, I was able to take it all to God in repentance. I then found some scripture verses in order to put God’s truth into my mind. I realized that I forgotten one of my most important priorities—times of silence with my Heavenly Father and sitting in His Presence to allow Him to work in my heart.

Psalm 46:10 “Surrender your anxiety! Be silent and stop your striving and you will see that I am God.”

Psalm 37:7  “Quiet your heart in His presence and pray; keep hope alive as you long for God to come through for you.”

Both passages written above are using The Passion Translation.


Praise Items

  • Praise the Lord that B. graduated from the Shayil Home program. She has worked hard and continues to grow in the Lord.
  • Praise the Lord for our seasonal campground site where we were able to unplug and have fun with family and friends.
  • Praise the Lord for the Sunday gathering of worship and sharing at the campground this summer.


Prayer Items

  • Pray for God’s wisdom and discernment as we serve Him. Pray we would be working with God and not for God.
  • Pray that we would keep our eyes on Jesus and not circumstances.
  • Pray that we would have an attitude of gratitude and find a reason to smile each and every day.