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Matt’s December 2021 Missions Update

Advent – Anticipation – Preparation

With the coming of Advent and this season of waiting and anticipation I am reminded of what a season of waiting holds and what my role with Multiply has included over this season.

Last week I was with a discipleship class from Steinbach Bible College and helping to introduce them to Inner City Youth Alive (ICYA), a ministry to Winnipeg’s North End community. During this time we spent some time praying and worshiping with the students and staff. During worship I was struck with the image of the bride being prepared for the coming of the bride groom. As these students have dedicated time to invest in their heart preparation and the ICYA staff invest in preparing their community, I reflected on what my call is in this time of preparation and readiness for Jesus’ return.

Here is a list of some of the things I have had the privilege to walk with Jesus in recently as the church is being prepared:

  • Connecting with local pastors – I have really enjoyed regularly connecting with a few local pastors as together we seek more of Jesus in our own lives and in the lives of those they are serving.
  • SOAR Heartland preparation – We have already had several meetings as we plan for what SOAR will look like in March 2022. Many groups have showed interest so pray we find creative ways to work with regulations and keep everyone safe.
  • TREK reboot – We have been diligently planning a new TREK program to serve as an 8 month global discipleship program. We are excited to see young adults from around the globe join in a discipleship program that will take place both in North America and with our global missionaries. More on this to come…
  • Epik Encounter – It seems like little is possible with a tourism agency in this season, but our partners in Turkey have been doing an amazing job of keeping things going and we would love to connect you with the church ministries and biblical history of Turkey.
  • Impact Award – It has been amazing to see a new ministry launched this year with 24 students going to their college campuses as missionaries sent by their churches. We are now starting to hear stories back already of students staying connected through transition to their churches and ministering to their peers.
  • Family – This is definitely a busy area of life with 5 kids ranging from 6 months to 16 years, but I always love to see how our decision to be a foster family has connected us to 3 wonderful kids and all of their extended families. Also, the ways we are each stretched personally in our walk with Jesus.

In each of these areas I am blessed to see God at work in so many lives and pray that he uses me as I seek him more. As we wait during this advent season for Christ, we would love to hear from you how God has called you to help prepare the church. We would love to join with you in prayer.

Thank you to all that join us on this journey to prepare the church for the bride groom. We are still needing more partners to join us financially so if this is something that you feel called to support, please click the button below.

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