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Helliwell’s June 23, 2022 Missions Update

Just a quick update on our ministry this week:

Today we Praise the Lord for His miracle of Salvation bestowed upon Shelly S. who asked the Lord to give her a new heart, a new life, and for healing.

She is sleeping peacefully right now, but of course, there is spiritual warfare.

I often say that Spiritual Warfare is like dealing with bed bugs! They are icky, and nasty, no one likes them, but they have no real power, are small and fairly easy to deal with. Spiritual Warfare is (or should be) a normal experience of the mature and committed Christian.

So our van is now on the fritz. On the way home today it almost overheated. I had to turn the heat on high in order for the temperature to go down and make it home. Which means we cannot drive anywhere now. We now have 4 dead vehicles in front of our house! On the reserve, this would be normal, but here in our neighborhood, it is quite embarrassing.

Nevertheless, Praise God for the far greater victory in Shelly’s new life in Christ!

The Brothers In The Hood windup on Tuesday was beautiful and also a great celebration!

A special thank you to T&T Catering – an indigenous catering company – Tuesday was their first event since coming out of Covid shutdown. They did a wonderful job provided a delicious meal.

Please pray for Shelly. She is a homeless person that we have only recently started reaching out to but who God has obviously deeply touched and has been preparing her heart for some time. I started off the prayer for her, but she just started pouring out her heart to God – It was truly amazing to watch!

And please pray for our vehicles!

May you also receive many blessings in Christ Jesus,

Praying for Big Things!

Nick Helliwell.