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Helliwell’s June 2022 Mission Update

Hi there Parliament,

How about starting off with something new and exciting!

We need a prayer covering for this event.

Workshop on saturday!

Multiplicative Discipleship Training with Nico Borissov – Missionary from Germany

How can we become disciples of Jesus, multiplying in the lives of others?

How can we start a discipleship movement around us?

What does that look like in practice?

Saturday June 11th at 9:30am @ Gentle Road Church, Corner of 7th and Garnet Street.

Nico works with an organization called Carries of Hope in Germany and most of their work in the past has been in Africa. A couple years ago, however, God began to impress upon him Indigenous peoples of North America, even giving him the name of Moosejaw, and so in a very God oriented way, him and I got connected just this past Sunday!

After a whirlwind tour, we got some interest in what he has to teach us.

Brothers in The Hood ministry are winding up on June 21st and we have a number of graduates from the program. Even more exciting is the fact that in partnership with Exodus prison ministry, they have led a couple of men to the lord who have joined the group and are being discipled!

Whitebear First Nations has experiences a number of deaths and we are going to be asking the band council if we can resume our prayer walks out there later this summer.

Under the banner of Rising Above, our ministry has forged a number of partnerships with other organizations as we provide connecting point as Community Chaplains in North Central. Notably, we are or will be partnering with:

Westhill Park Baptist Church – which is now our home church, we are involved in their inner city outreach ministries such as serving bagged lunches and meals at First Baptist Church and Souls Harbour.

Gentle Road Outreach Church leadership where we help with the evening services and other ministries to North Central Regina.

Healing Hearts Ministry (to be renamed Break Free Outreach Ministry) where we are pleased to be involved in their Woodshop and Prison Ministry programs when they are up and running.

Exodus Prison Ministry will be relocated back at Break
Free and we will be continuing our Brothers in The Hood partnership with them in the fall.

That is a lot! Which of course means we will need lots of Prayer! We are amazed at what God has been doing and what He has done and what He has planned. PRAISE THE LORD!!!God is answering prayers that have begun long before now and He continues to lead us forward from victory to victory. None of this is without spiritual warfare, and so we ask that you would continue to lift us up in prayer as well as all that is going on.

Praying for Big Things!

Nick Helliwell