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Giesbrecht’s March 2022 Missions Update

Now He who supplies seed to the sower and bread for food will supply and multiply your seed for sowing and increase the harvest of your righteousness; you will be enriched in everything for all liberality, which through us is producing thanksgiving to God. For the ministry of this service is not only fully supplying the needs of the saints, but is also overflowing through many thanksgiving to God.” (2 Cor. 9: 10 – 12)

Greetings from Osaka, 
We are overflowing with thanksgiving!
So much thanks!  We are packing it up into suitcases right now, to try to bring as much as we can back to Canada to share there as we visit churches this year.

As we consider this past three-year term we are amazed what the Lord Jesus has done.  Last time when we visited Canada people prophesied over us that we would see an increased blessing in the next term, and we can testify that this has been the case!

God has blessed us with foster children – six different children – from a period of 1 week up to ten months.
God has given us favor with the social workers – even getting to cry together
God has given Masami lots of women to pray with and disciple
God has given us the Onfire Japan group to pray and worship with every morning
God has given us Multiply House of Prayer-Japan to pray with each week
God has given us the 33 Minute Warrior men’s discipleship program and many new warriors (Bushi)
God has given us – as an answer to our prayers about LGBTQ ministry
God has given us the Roses Church – park church
God has given us Team Jesus – and partners to do evangelism and healing prayer at cities throughout Japan
God has given us the Soul Care book – and transformation in our lives and in our friends
God has given us the English Bible Cafe at Ishibashi church – and many chances to share Jesus
God has provided for us in finances, health, strength and faith
God has provided people to pray for us on our hardest days

I’m happy that Sola got to come along on our last evangelism trip to Okinawa.  We got to see God do some cool things.  Maybe that’s why Sola wrote “God is cool” in the sand. While visiting a Kid’s church on a Mango farm in northern Okinawa, Sola got to give testimony of a miraculous healing he had witnessed on a train in Osaka. Sola had been praying that he could see a miracle for some time and then God answered his prayers.  He continues to pray for several people’s healing every night.

While Okinawa is the poorest area of Japan we witnessed an overflowing of generosity in the church there.  So many people with a willingness to take in the stranger.  So many people willing to use their business as a place to share the good news.  So many churches willing to set aside their differences and work together with generous eyes.

Thanks for your prayers,
Cory and Masami 

Praise Items

  • Start of two Soul Care groups (one with two internationals and one with Japanese friend)
  • We thank God that Sola experienced his first mission Trip

Prayer Requests

  • For our family as we move from Osaka (Joshua to Kobe to live with his grandparents and rest of us to Winnipeg, Manitoba) fort the next several months.
  • For God to bring people who are seeking Jesus to Ishibashi MB Church and Roses Church.
  • For God to provide new prayer and financial partners for us so that we can return Japan in August!