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Caylea’s January 2022 Missions Update

Keeping up with Caylea

Back when I wsa 12 years old, I had my first day in youth group at Healing Hearts. Twice a week, I was able to be at my favorite place. It was a place where I could be completely crazy and free but also have incredible mentors pour into me as I pursued a relationship with Jesus. Some of my best memories in high school were the night I got to go to youth and enjoy the fun events planned for us.

This was something I always wanted to give back as I got older and knew the impact my leaders had on me during my teenage years. When the opportunity arose 6 years ago to now be one of those leaders at Healing Hearts I was beyond ecstatic. I have had some incredible kids that I have been able to watch grow up and to even see graduate from High School. I was able to bring back old events I loved as a kid but also keep the tradition of being intentional with every kid that came. I am reminiscing right now because I know that this is my last year as the youth director. God had closed doors for me at Healing Hearts and is leading me to spend more time with my roles at NCEM. I will continue to connect with the youth officially until spring but I ask for your prayers as its hard to close that chapter down. I know I need wisdom too in what exactly my time/travelling will look like for NCEM when the spring/summer hits.

  • Praise God for an amazing new sister-in-law joining our family.
  • Pray for the Healing Hearts youth as we officially wind up this spring.
  • Pray for financial partners to continue to join me month (I’m at 58%).