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Elders Meeting Highlights: September 2020

front of the church building

The elder’s met September 23rd. Here’s a couple highlights from the past month:

1. The elders board hosted a prayer meeting the morning of September 26th. This was a meaningful time to gather together to pray for our world, our country, our church, and each other. God was present and people who participated were thankful to have taken part.

2. The elders discussed the outcome from the congregational meeting, where it was decided to not proceed with hiring an associate pastor. Further discernment is needed to determine the next steps forward for ministries at Parliament. It is the intent to do a deep dive into these opportunities at the elder’s retreat in early November.

3. The elders are excited about the Bridge program and have asked that further visibility of this is presented to the congregation at large. In brief, it is a discipleship and mentorship program where our children will have the opportunity to serve in various ways throughout our church.

4. The elders started a conversation about how we can better engage and support the Young Adult’s group.

5. Pastor Ryan experienced a successful transition to physical meetings with youth and meaningful meetings with the youth leadership team.

6. Pastor Ben made significant progress on the discipleship booklet he has been working on. One of the next steps will be to distribute it to some congregants to allow evaluation.

7. Pastor Mike has been evaluating how congregants are re-engaging gradually and is considering plans for how PCC will continue to transition. He was thankful for the preaching provided in the summer by those who participated in the preaching class he offered and is considering a similar class for the future, time and interest permitting.

8. Kristen, director of children’s ministry, is encouraged with the resumption of children’s church for age 2 to grade 1. She continues to look for volunteers to allow more children’s ministries to resume.