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SKMB On Mission Together – May 24, 2023

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More Emails?

I’m not sure about you, but diving into my inbox can be overwhelming with all the information that has been sent to it. Different ministries ask for support or opportunities to present, articles I need to read, workshops to attend, and the list goes on. So when we receive the SKMB email newsletters, it can be easy for me to let them sit in the inbox. I want to share three reasons why I value the newsletter Phil sends out regularly. I hope they can shift your perspective if you feel they just contribute to your information overload.

1) I can use it to guide my prayer for the denomination

I use the email to remind me of what to pray for in the denomination, whether it be meetings and events, or different ministries and individuals. I encourage you to challenge yourself to pray for those items mentioned in the newsletter.

2) It helps me stay connected to other pastors

I find ministry connections where I live hard to come by. I treasure the ones I have and grieve that the pastors where I live are not more connected. By reading the newsletter Phil sends out, I learn what my colleagues and friends are doing, what opportunities I have to connect, and where I can partner with them as a part of our larger church family.

3) It broadens my perspective

I find I can be caught up in ‘tunnel vision’ mode when I’m disconnected from others. The business of ministry can cause me to have blind spots in my own ministry or to miss ministry opportunities of others. When I engage with the newsletter, I can not only pray for those ministries but reflect on my ministry and identify areas where I need to grow or things our church needs to celebrate or wrestle with. The newsletter helps me expand my view of God’s Kingdom and how God is at work in it and how we are invited to be a part of it.

Over the coming months I’ll be working to continue the communication work Phil does so diligently until he returns from his sabbatical. I hope you’ll join me in using it to guide your prayers, help you stay connected and broaden your perspective.

Mike Engbers, Parliament Community Church