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Nasser al’Qahtani, North Africa and Middle East, Region Team Leader

Every two weeks, Saleh, one of our key partners in North Africa, visits a different village or town in his region to pray for the people and to look for a person of peace. Recently, he had the opportunity to sit with two young men while he was visiting such a village.

As Saleh began talking with them about his relationship with God, they explained how Islam was the way to paradise. He told them that he did not believe that, but that there was only one way to God, which was through Jesus Christ. 

The two young men had been very friendly up until that point, but when Saleh said this, suddenly they became very upset. “They called others in the area and surrounded me,” he reported. “One man hit me with his head on the side of my face by my eye. I tried to say that we were just having a discussion, but no one would listen.”

Another man took off his belt and started hitting Saleh. They started using abusive language and tried to get into his bag and pockets. “I prayed that God would deliver me,” Saleh recalled, “and that the police would not be involved.”

Suddenly, a young man appeared from nowhere and asked what was going on. He called out, “Whoever hurts this man, I will beat up.” Quickly, a second man approached on a motorcycle. The young man told Saleh to go with him, and he did. He was delivered. 

“I thank the Lord that he got me out of this situation without anything more serious happening to me,” he said. “My wounds are minor. They will heal.”

Saleh was hesitant to share this story because he did not want to spread fear among the churches. “In truth, I am not afraid,” he said, “but I feel love in my heart for the two young men in this village, and I pray that they will come to know Christ. I am also reminded of how Jesus and the apostles told us that these things would happen. We are truly blessed when people insult us, persecute us, and falsely say all kinds of evil against us because of Christ.” 


  • Please join us in praying for the two young men and their village in North Africa where Saleh shared the Gospel. Pray that they will find the way to God through Jesus.
  • Pray for all of our partners in North Africa and the Middle East who are often preaching the Gospel in environments where there is suspicion, mistrust and even hostility. 
  • For each one of us that is sharing Christ with neighbors, friends, and family members, pray that we would persevere even in the face of opposition.