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Kirstie Kline’s Fall 2023 Ministry Update

Kirstie Kline

Summer Ministry Highlights

Summer is an amazing time that brings a change of pace to ministry. One highlight of my summer was being involved in several camp, including head cooking at Dallas Valley and volunteering at Tapakomitowin, an awesome culture camp run by iEmergence. Although I was on dish duty, I also had the opportunity to learn to raise a tipi (where the campers slept!), lean some Cree, pick berries for the feast, eat bannock, and connect with the campers. We also ran YFC camp, where we had 30 campers, and an amazing time together. After all this came, a couple weeks to slow down before we start up Fall programs was much needed.


A huge thanks to the staff and volunteers who made YFC Camp possible. Thank you as well as to the individuals who gave financial towards the week, including a grant from Community Initiative Fund. Without support for camp, and our other programs throughout the year, it wouldn’t be possible for us to do the ministry. If you would like to contribute to the ministry financially or in other ways, please reach out to me.

Prayer Requests

As I look forward to the Fall, I am eagerly anticipating getting into the regular routine of running programs. A few prayer requests are:

  • Integrating new youth into the programs
  • Bringing youth back into the programs who had taken a break due to behavioural issues
  • Additional volunteers, including a van driver
  • Search for additional staff, including Executive Director and Community Team members