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Earthquake in Turkey – February 2023

As terrible reports continue to come in around the great loss and devastation in Turkey’s south eastern region I wanted to give you an update on how Multiply is responding and how the Turkish church is coming alongside those in need.


All of this brings back so many memories of our time in Turkey when the Earthquake happened in Van back in 2011. There was so much devastation and immediate needs. This time the earthquake seems to have spread over such a large area and caused so much destruction.
Now with this latest earthquake the needs seem even more. Over the last few days I have been a part of meetings with our local Multiply workers discussing how alongside the Turkish pastors they can together support the current basic needs.
Update from a local Multiply Worker:
It’s been a busy few days. Aside from having a house full, we have been figuring out the best and most efficient way for people to get involved. After much conversation with various groups here in country and our company in N. America we have a plan. Our fellowship will be sending a delegation of people out to some of the affected areas. We want to particularly focus on areas that have not received as much aid as well as areas that we have some connection to whether through local believers or national partners. We will be partnering with our sister church in Adana who is part of our church network.

The next few days (Thursday & Friday) we will be shopping for as many supplies as we can and get them packaged up and ready to go. We are looking at getting emergency shelter tents, food, hygiene products, winter jackets, blankets, baby food, kids clothing, formula and diapers etc.
Please consider donating to support the efforts of relief work in Turkey by our workers and their local partners. Your support will go directly to helping the relief work on the ground as they start now with making sure the basic needs are met. As we continue to work with our team on the ground we will adjust as the needs develop and keep you informed. Please click the button below to donate toward Multiply’s relief efforts. If you can put Earthquake relief in the notes along with your donation that will help ensure the funds get directed properly. Donate to the relief efforts at: