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Dyck’s January 2024 Missions Update

 Ministry Update – CMA Missions Trip to the Mayan People – November 2023

In November 2023, Marilyn and I went to the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico as part of a CMA Canada missions’ trip, partnering with the Jesus Film and The Message to Mayans organizations. We went as a couple wanting to participate and experience a mission’s trip together. We returned as changed people. We visited 3 different remote villages in as many evenings, visiting with the villagers and inviting them to come to the town park to see the Jesus film, specially adapted to be shown in the Mayan language. The village people are so happy that Jesus speaks Mayan too! We handed out toothpaste, a toothbrush, and a new pair of Crocs (footwear) to each person who came out.

Marilyn and I were overwhelmed on the first night, a rainy and humid night. 69 people came out to see the film and at the end of the evening, all 69 people came forward. It was a very emotional time and it left Marilyn and I in tears. We had prayed that God would reveal His presence to us this week, but we were not prepared for His showing us the depth of His love for people who had not heard about Him before. The second and third nights we visited some larger villages of about 200 to 400 people each. The overall conservative count revealed that 300+ men, women and children came forward to make a commitment and ask Jesus into their hearts and lives.

Sunday morning, we attended a local church service, where we had the privilege of presenting a total of 6 new motorcycles to 6 local missionaries and pastors in the Yucatan area. Frank Amantea presented a powerful message of the Power of the Cross. Outdoors, +30C and the opportunity to bless and pray over these people was PRICELESS. 

A few summary statements and personal take aways from Marilyn and I. God loves all people with a love that we can not understand. 1) The response of the Mayan people to the message of God’s love for them, all in the Mayan language was overwhelming. When the offer to accept Christ was given, the entire group of people in the arena came forward. 2) Seeing the money raised by RFTS in use gave new insight to our RFTS fundraiser! Six new bikes for local pastors, over 300 pairs of shoes, toothpaste and toothbrushes, super accommodations, and travel for our team members. 3) Feeling the prayers of friends and family at home. We asked for safety, good health, and opportunities…God answered all those prayers.

This was a life-changing experience for Marilyn and me. We went to check off a mission’s trip as part of our retirement bucket list. We returned and are revising our budget to go again. 

In closing, we wish to thank you, our PCC family, for your donations and support for our annual Run for the SON (RFTS) fundraising efforts. You are part of this global mission. Your donations to CMA RFTS enable bibles, motorcycles, toothpaste, crocs, AND the message of God’s love, to be purchased and presented to families in need. We are willing to come and speak at a small group or other group if you are interested in us sharing more about our experiences. We thank you for supporting us in prayer in our ministry as we minister and reach bikers for Christ – one heart at a time. God Bless.

Ron & Marilyn Dyck 

National Evangelist – CMA Canada