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Matt’s January 2024 Missions Update

Through All the Noise

I feel like every time someone asks how I am doing my first response is “BUSY”. I know that with 5 kids at home in 4 different schools, everyones activities, work and just regular life things can get crazy but…

I feel this longing to find space and sabbath, a time to quiet the noise and spend time listening for what God has for the day. Sometime it feels like it can only happen if I get away or find a completely quiet place. This has been a challenge and somedays are harder than others but I write this here as a desire because I know that the days that I do make this a priority I see God move in some way that I probably would have just missed otherwise. The noise of all the activities and cleaning up messes can so easily take over. Lord help me today to see you in the mess and noise and in those special moments of quiet.

Today’s Thought

Today I was impacted by this quick article from the Sermon on the Mount series. In this article it focuses on Matt 5:6 “ How good is life for those who hunger and thirst for right relationships. Our basic needs are food and water but Jesus adds this idea of a basic need to live in right relationships, knowing he will provide for our thirst and hungering. How am I living into right relationships? Here is a link to the article.

SOAR Update

Love how God continues to provide. We have almost 20 teams fully signed up for SOAR this year which is looking like close to 300 participants. So excited about the community that is hungering and thirsting for discipleship and longing to serve and grow.

We have almost everyone set up with ministries and places to sleep. We will be close to capacity at our host site so that will be fun to manage.

We will be needing volunteers to help with prepping and serving food, cleaning and making cookies. If you are interested in coming to help please contact.

Really excited about the new and learning tour for this year. I will post more on this as it gets developed but this day is all about knowing God’s heart for the lost and those in need.

Before the Throne

  1. Pray for all the SOAR planning team as everyone has lots of work to manage their different areas of the program. We meet February 29th as a team to update each other.
  2. Pray for the busyness of life and that we might see God through everything that tries to steal our attention.