We are happy you are considering joining us for church in person.  We would love to have you join us, and to have the opportunity to get to know you a bit.

As a church we have all ages and different cultures that attend.  We  enjoy connecting with one another and being together for our worship services.  

What do you need to know if you’re considering attending Parliament Community Church in person?

  1. Where are we located?
    We are located at 4011 Pasqua Street, Regina, SK.  We are just south of Parliament Ave. on Pasqua St.
  2. Parking and Church Entrance
    Parking is located in the church parking lot, on the street, or in the parking lot by the Dental offices.  You can enter the church through the parking lot entrance as well as the south entrance that faces Pasqua Street.
  3. What time should I be there?
    During the school year we offer Sunday School classes for all ages including our Adult Discipleship Classes.  These begin at 9:30 am.  We recommend you arrive a few minutes early if you have children as our programs will require you to register them and sign them in.
    For our church service, it begins at 10:45 am.
  4. What should I wear? 
    Wear what you’re comfortable with.  At PCC you’ll see people wearing anything from pants and shorts to dresses and suits.  We want you to be comfortable as you join us.
  5. What if I have a question?
    If you have a question before Sunday please call us at the church at 306-586-0101 and talk to our receptionist or one of our pastoral staff. We’d be glad to connect and help you out.  On Sunday morning, we have a Welcome Center that is usually staffed which can help answer any of your questions. As well, our hosts who greet you as you come into the church foyer  and sanctuary doors would be happy to try and help you as well.  Each of our hosts is wearing a nametag which helps make them easier to spot.