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Here are some pictures that were sent to Pastor Athanase, from the churches that he is a part of in Zimbabwe and Zambia.


201 families received help in Zambia. 105 - 10kg mealie meal (corn meal), 27 cases of cooking oil, 2 bags of 50kg of salt was purchased along with helping with house rentals

In Zimbabwe, 42 families each received 10Kg of maize meal (corn meal), 2 Lt cooking oil and 1 cabbage; 10 families were supported with 10Kg rice and  2Lt cooking oil; 8 families were helped with 10 Kgs rice, 2 Lt cooking oil, 2 Kg washing powder. 20Kg was given to the senior Pastor's family to support in receiving visitors at the church where he stays. 5 people were helped with rental problems.

Sanitizer will be used by the church members for hand washing during the church services.


All churches in both countries are very grateful for all that they received from PCC.