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#PCCRegina Sponsors the Following Global and Local Workers

Healing Hearts Ministry Inc. 

PCC supports Healing Hearts Ministries by praying for their ministry and supporting some of their workers financially.

Prayer is a vital part of any Christian ministry and at Healing Hearts Ministry Inc. (HHM) they realize that they can not do ministry without prayer.  The attached links to their Prayer Bulletin will help to give you a better understanding of who and what HHM is, as well as what everyone is involved in.  We thank you and value your prayers!

Attached is the HHMI Prayer Bulletin. We trust this will help you to see the bigger picture of the people involved with HHMI.

We do covet your prayers - we cannot do this ministry in our own strength. This is God's ministry and we all are privileged to be a part of what God is doing.

November 2018 Prayer Bulletin

March 2018 Prayer Bulletin

The Selkes (Saskatchewan)

Walter and Cindy were married in 1989 and immediately became involved in ministry in Regina's northcentral community. God impressed upon them the need for a "spiritual hospital" for the wounded of the community and in 1994, Healing Hearts Ministry began in the Albert Scott Community Centre. The team of leadership expanded and the ministry grew beyond Regina to communities in Northern Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.
Currently, Walter and Cindy are Executive Directors of Healing Hearts Ministries, Inc. while also serving as General Director for Northern Canada Evangelical Mission with headquarters in Prince Albert, SK. They have three grown children: Mark (and Amy) living in Gladstone, MB; Daniel in Regina and Caylea in Regina.

Nick & Vivian Helliwell (Regina)

Nick & Vivian are faith missionaries serving
Urban First Nations people in Regina, Saskatchewan.
As founding members of the Healing Hearts community,
Nick & Vivian both actively reach into the community
they came out of over 20 years ago.
In order to supplement their missionary support,
Nick’s ministry to men includes serving as
a half-time chaplain at the Regina Provincial Corrections Centre.
Married in 1995, Nick and his wife Vivian have raised many children over the years,
having been foster parents for over 15 years.

The only constant in life...

Whew! To say there has been a few changes doesn't quite say it all. 
As I sit down to write this newsletter, I struggle to put to words the emotions.  No single episode seems to capture all that has happened.  Articulating the journey from grief to gratefulness is no easy narrative.  When I went to the hospital, Vivian weathered a traumatic emotional storm.  Fear of losing me, her husband, being left alone and with the kids.  Vivian has described those days in the hospital as being of particular grace poured out upon her.  That the staff we encountered were like unto the angels themselves ministering to her and myself.
The outpouring of sympathy, support and graciousness since then has been truly overwhelming.  From family, longtime friends, fellow Christians and even strangers.  Support poured in from a Go Fund Me campaign started by Vivian’s brother allowing me to take a month off.  People coming to visit with food and gifts.  I could go on and on…
Jesus Christ has brought blessing upon blessings to us and has been the peace amidst the storms.  We are a family.  We are all together.  We are surrounded by friends and loved ones.
We simply would not have made it through without God’s grace poured out upon us through so many wonderful people…

It is relatively quiet shortly after four o'clock.  A day off, Papa and the young ones watch yet another Christmas special while the older kids are either at some extracurricular activity or squirreled away somewhere doing their homework.  Vivian is downstairs quietly working by herself.  The doorbell rings and two little white dogs go nuts, barking as loud as they can. 
The three kids run to the stairs but know they have to wait for someone older to open the door.  Papa answers the door just as Alexah magically appears to ask, "Who is it?"
Another kind soul brings special treats.  The children, having waited a whole minute on the stairs, now rush down to bounce up and down excitedly singing “thank you’s” to someone they hardly know. Gratefully received is a treasure box of baking and sausage meats.

God has been so good and faithful and wonderful to us this past year. John 3:27 says "A person can receive only what is given them from heaven." The highest and best thank you we can give then, is grateful praise to Him who remains constant.

It will be a wonderful Christmas.  Certainly the best one the children have ever known.  Certainly the best Christmas we have ever known.

Praise the Lord! - and Thank You

The children's Child Tax Benefit came in!  We are carefully putting together a new financial plan to make the most of it.
The young kids, Alexah, (9), Serenity (6), Jayden (5) and Jordan are all happy, healthy and doing very well.
Our financial situation seems to have stabilized.  We have reviewed, re-arranged, re-organized and looking ahead things are looking alright.  We have set new goals, achievable and set new plan in place.  I feel really good about that.
Please Pray For Us

Please pray for our family as emotionally we are all still healing and still have things to be worked out.
Please pray for Vivian and I as parents to be wise in parenting all the kids protecting their dignity and respecting their personalities while teaching each of them how to do the same.
Please pray for Vivian as she needs time to herself that she would give herself time to pursue her own interests, talents and passions

Spurgeon & Gina Marie Root (Regina)

Serving with Healing Hearts Ministries. Surgeon is Director of Outreach Ministries. Gina Marie leads worship and abuse recovery groups.

December 2018

We may have snow on the ground here in Regina, but the calendar says it's still fall. From shop updates to kid updates to a woman sitting on a shipping container, keep reading for the latest on the Root family.

Summer Wrap-up and Developments
A couple of interesting things have come up from Spurgeon and Keziah’s time in Missinipe. The first is a developing partnership around a cabin on Brabant Lake. The cabin is owned by Camp Manitou-wish in Wisconsin and is in need of some serious but doable maintenance. I am always on the lookout for project work that I can take a crew of guys to do, and the camp seems very interested in having someone do some caretaking and maintenance. We are looking at getting cabin usage out of the deal plus an open-ended opportunity for out-of-town work projects. A surprising number of people say, “Yes” when I ask, “Hey can I bring some ex-gang members to your place to live and work for a week?” However, it is still challenging and I do work with some guys that I wouldn’t take to someone else’s house.

The other thing that is in the works is a mentorship arrangement with Churchill River Canoe Outfitters. The details are still uncertain, but my boss up there, Ric Driediger, is open to me bring people up to experience and participate in the CRCO community. CRCO would be the venue and Healing Hands would be the mentor side of things, giving from 2 weeks to a month of intensive relationship building in a positive supportive environment. We are very excited about this possibility and appreciate prayer over how this develops.

Overall its pretty exciting to have these things in the works and it was nice to both get some rest in the north but also see God at work in our relationships up there. 

Healing Hands Shop Update
All of our permits are in place for the shop and we are now in discussion with the plumber who are installing the bathroom. It is strange that in some ways the process has been expedited and we obviously have people who want us to get back to
“normal” (and you know, God at work in there too), but there has also been the standard red-tape and, “We lost your plans, could you resubmit them please?” As a result we are trying to not use the shops too much since we don’t have an occupancy permit and the building inspector clearly wasn’t pleased with us last time I saw him. It was probably actually really good that we don’t do much in the shops in the summer as we were likely flirting with a cease and desist order.

Once we get the trench for the sewage we can finally get our security system set up properly as well. We’ve had some break-ins again and need to beef things up before we get many more tools.

We appreciate prayer for Keziah as she is one of the main Sunday School teachers this year and is insanely busy with school involvements as well. She is on the SRC (Student Representative Council) and involved in almost every possible form of music that her high school offers. She also is dealing with some post-concussion symptoms (mainly short-term
memory and reading comprehension issues) due to a fall she took at the end of the summer. This has been a big source of frustration for her.

Tirzah is in grade 12, a development that seems to indicate some sort of rift in the space-time continuum since I’m pretty sure she’s still just out of diapers.  Mom warned me that would happen.  Tirzah frequently says she feels stalled around the age of 10, and in some ways that seems fairly accurate. She is not interested in most of the things that grade 12s are interested in, which is also somewhat of a blessing. We’ve just visited a college campus to explore possibilities of what post-grade 12 looks like. Stupid rift.

Gina Marie
Gina Marie is very busy with church life stuff, particularly worship, interacting with the team from Millar College of the Bible, counseling and Journey Groups. This year she is also supervising an intern, Carolyn, which is a new adventure that she is enjoying very much.

Healing Hearts Ministries
There is some general Healing Hearts stuff we would appreciate prayer about. Overall we seem to be in a period of “growing pains” as an organization.  Our roles shift somewhat constantly as we
respond to needs and opportunities around us, which is both an advantage and a difficulty.  Compounding that this year is that we have just lost some of our young leaders. One young family was feeling God moving them towards other things and they have stepped out in faith towards that. Secondly, Joel, who has been my right-hand man at the shops for several years has felt the need to step away as well.  This has been very difficult for us and was a rather hard blow to come back to first thing in the fall.

At various times I (Spurgeon) have been encouraged to reflect on the things that most suck the energy out of me, especially when the busyness is at an extreme and I’m trying to find the things I can put down. I realized as I came into this fall that the things I would most like to put down are the
things I really can’t put down.  Anyone who knows me knows I’m terrible at administration (hating it probably doesn’t help the situation), yet there also seems to be more and more of it to do.  It seems that for every hour of work I do, there is an hour of prep, admin, meetings, etc. just so that I can do my job.  That’s what makes me tired and frustrated. Ministry doesn’t make me tired and frustrated. This is both a good realization and a frustrating one since there doesn’t seem to be anything that I can do about it. So, prayer around that is appreciated. God could send me an admin person too. That would be cool.

Peace, Quiet and a Shipping Container
The other day I stopped in at the shop later in the afternoon to do some tinkering and to meet up with a couple people who were dropping some stuff off for us. As I walked into the yard, I did a cursory search of everything for signs of break-ins, vandalism, or anything missing.
This has become as habit over the years since over half the time I come in I will find something that has been done to the property.  This brief search turned up something a little unusual.
A young woman was sitting cross-legged on top of one of the steel shipping containers in the back yard. It first I was a little annoyed and was just going to go over and tell her to get down.  As I got closer, though, it was clear she wasn't a child getting into mischief, and she looked at me with a tired resignation as I approached.
"Hey... ah... what are you doing up there?"
She heaved a sigh, "Just sitting... and thinking... it's quiet up here."
I nodded and asked her name. She answered and then asked my name which led to the usual confusion and requests for me to repeat what I had said.
She then informed me that she had been to Healing Hearts before and knew Walter and Cindy.  Indeed, she informed me, Walter had done her baby dedication at Healing Hearts 20 years ago.  She asked me if they were still around, and I let her know what the Selkes were up to.
At that point I had to go take care of some things in the shop, but when I was done, I went back out to check on her. Sure enough, she was still cross-legged 8 feet up in the air on the container. She asked if I had a smoke and when I said I didn't smoke she affirmed that was a good decision.
"Is there anything I can help you with?" I asked this somewhat hesitantly since this question sometimes leads to some pretty strange and outrageous requests.
She shrugged at first but then asked if I could give her a ride to her mom's house as she was homeless and had nowhere else to go. Leaving a homeless girl in North Central didn’t seem like a great idea so I agreed to give her a ride and then called Gina Marie to let her know what I was doing.
Her mom lived in the north end of the city and so I got to hear some of her story on the way. It was convoluted and full of drug-fueled spiritual confusion to the point that I frequently had no idea what she was talking about.
I dropped her off with no big resolutions, no life changing revelations, no big obvious God moments. Hopefully, though, I got to splash a little fresh water on some 20-year-old seeds.

In a time of confusion and despair, she remembered Healing Hearts as a place of hope and safety and found a moment of peace on top of a steel shipping container in our back yard. And so, we continue on, never knowing when the next moment of ministry will show up and we will get to tend a seed planted by someone else decades ago. It's a pretty neat way to live.       

Arlene Schroeder (Regina)

Serving with Healing Hearts Ministries; Office Administration, mentorship, and women’s ministries.

December 2018

Merry Christmas to each one of you.

It is hard to believe that Christmas is in just a few days and that the year 2018 is fast coming to a close. As we reflect back over the year, we see God's fingerprints all over it. We are thankful that God was with us each step of the way. So often our best laid plans were changed - at the time we could not understand why but as we look back we are grateful for those changes.

As we look forward to the next year we claim these verses:
"This I declare of the Lord: He alone is my refuge, my place of safety; He is my God, and I am trusting Him. For He will rescue you from every trap and protect you from the fatal plague. He will shield you with His wings, He will shelter you with His feathers. His faithful promises are your armor and protection." Psalm 91:2-4

Today and tomorrow (December 21 & 22) we will be attending a wake and funeral for a friend who is now in glory. We got to know Sheldon in just the last year or so. It was an honor to get to know Sheldon and to call him our friend - even though it was only for a very short time. He was an ex-gang member and he came to know and accept Jesus through the ministry of Spurgeon Root, who is one of the pastors at HHM Regina. He loved the Lord and his life was forever changed. As far as I know, Sheldon was the only believer in his family. Please pray with us that we, and the other HHM leadership would be the light of Jesus as we attend what could be a 'traditional' wake and funeral. Please pray for Spurgeon and his wife, Gina Marie, and their family as Sheldon was a very, very good friend of theirs and this is a difficult time for them.

As we celebrate Christmas this year, we also celebrate the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus and the life changing power of the Word of God.

Happy New Year - may we all take time to reflect on God's goodness and faithfulness of the last year and look forward with expectancy to what God has for us in the coming year!

Arlene & Wally

December 2018

July 2018

May 2018

March 2018

James & Dena Clifford (Regina)

Serving with Youth for Christ Canada and Youth for Christ International, with their Online Relational Evangelism project.



Ministry Report October 2018

Celebration of Life
Dena's Grandmother was very sick and she died peacefully on September 19. This past weekend we celebrated her life. Grandma planned the service before she died and it was filled with music, scripture, worship and a gospel presentation. We are thankful for her example of faith and love. She will be missed.

Online Evangelism Project:
We hired a video/media person to capture faith stories for the project. Katrina is currently raising her partnership development. Please pray God can bring in her final 30% of her partnership Developement by November 1,2018 so we can have her start.

- October 21, 2018 Fall Missions Conference at Parliament Community Church
- Please pray for seeking youth in Canada
- Pray God will provide Katrina her final 30% Partnership development
- Pray for good tenants.

Partnership Development
We are very grateful for your ongoing prayer and financial support. Your support allows us to serve the Lord with Youth in Canada. God continues to surprise us and provide our needs. In the past weeks I have met with partners who love Jesus and want to invest their donations dollars in God's Kingdom work-seeing youth impacted with the gospel. We still have room for you to join our team- Click Here

On the Homefront
Count your blessings...We have so many things to be thankful for as a family. God has answered many prayers. Zane was able to get a few days off and join us for the Thanksgiving weekend. It was great to be together. Bronwyn continues to work part-time and full-time UofR student. She enjoys both and has to very disciplined to get all her class work done well. Gabriel is in grade 12 and is looking into options for his future. He has talking about a gap year to work and attend bible school before University. Abby enjoyed playing for the High school soccer team, unfortunately they loss in the city semi finals.

Copyright © 2018 Youth for Christ Canada, All rights reserved.
PCC missionaries

Kirstie Kline (Regina) 

Serving with Youth For Christ, as a Discipleship Coordinator

The Regina Youth For Christ (RYFC) Community Team's work is to share the gospel with and disciple individuals who are primarily unchurched and have often been given up on. The youth we serve come from a variety of backgrounds and each is facing their own challenges. We desire to see each one of them come to saving faith in Christ and be equipped with the necessary tools to live whole and healthy lives. We desire to make disciples, who make disciples and change the world around them. Kirstie runs a Junior and Senior Youth group, girls support group, discipleship training course, oversees volunteers and mentors, mentors young girls, and helps with Lamb's Boxing Club. Please pray for God's leading and life-giving, spirit-filled contact with youth.

December 2018 Newsletter

September 2018 Newsletter


Matt & Ruth (Winnipeg, MB)

Serving with MB Mission to coordinate projects in Central Asia, support our global workers around the world, and develop new missional leaders in Central Canada.

February 2019 Update

God works in mysterious ways, doesn't He?

I remember, about this time five years ago, finding out that our adoption application for a baby in Turkey had been rejected. It felt like the devastating final closed door to a dream that Matt and I had been hoping for and praying about since we were first married.

About this time last year, our foster application had been accepted and we were choosing to step out in faith, suspecting that this might be the plan God had for our family all along.

Today, we are a busy, joyful, messy, grace-filled family of six. I don't know what the future will hold or what other plans God may have around the corner, but I do know that our current reality, this season in time, is the result of a passion and desire that God has placed deep within me to see children who are hurting and scared coming to a place of safety and security and unconditional love. At one point, I thought that meant I would serve at an orphanage across the world. At another point, we thought it meant God wanted us to adopt. But today, we are seeing the realization of something that we always knew God had for us - though in a different capacity than we anticipated. And we want to do it well.

And so, it is with regret, and yet also joy, that we want to inform you that I (Ruth) will be leaving my role as Hospitality and Communications Coordinator with the Central Canada office.

I had hoped to be able to continue with my position after becoming a foster parent, but after several months of attempting to balance both, and after much prayer and discernment, we have realized that I need to give my full attention to being a mom to the children that God has brought, and will continue to bring, into our family.

This change will not significantly affect our ministry or our supporters. I will still be very involved in Matt's ministry and with our organization, volunteering in our programs and events as I am able. Our family will continue to rely on and greatly appreciate your partnership, prayer, and financial support.

One of our greatest blessings over the past 10 years has been our connection with you. You have been our partners through thick and thin, during the highs and the lows, and we have felt that each step of the way. Every message from you is received with joy and gratitude. We love and appreciate each one of you and are so humbled and honoured by the way you have journeyed with us and partnered with what God is doing in and through our lives. We sincerely hope that you will continue to walk alongside our family, wherever the road ahead may lead us.

"I thank my God every time I remember you. In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now." Phil 1:3-5

Before The Throne:

  • Praise God for the ways he continues to lead us.
  • Pray for Matt as he travels to SOAR SASK and helps with the media and teaching.
  • Pray for people to join our Action and Trek programs in this upcoming season.
  • Please pray for our family as we continue to press into this season God has for us.

Upcoming events:

(Feb. 14-23)
- Matt will be there for the first weekend 15-17th

MUD (Mission Under Discussion)
March 3rd

 Phil & Carol Bergen (Burkina Faso)  

Serving with MB Missions among our adopted people group, the Nanerige; team leadership, church planting. 

May you be encouraged by Phil’s stories in this month’s Blip! 

October 24, 2018

Autumn greetings from the Ouagadougou airport where we are waiting for our flight taking us to Lisbon, Portugal for MB Mission’s tri-annual regional retreat and consultation! These are always special times and we look forward to being together.

More news in the Blip. Thanks for your prayers! Phil and Carol

Sept / Oct 2018 Blip

July / August 2018 Blip

 May / June 2018 Blip

March/April 2018 Blip

February 2018 Blip

December 2017 Blip

July 2017 Blip 

Pastor Madou Traore (Burkina Faso)

Serving alongside the Bergens among the Nanerige people; pastoring, discipling, and leadership development.


Richard & Hazel Funk (Austria)

Serving with MB Mission, Member Care facilitators to missionaries in Europe and Central Asia; mentoring, teaching, and discipling Austrian church leaders.


Funk's Foreign Report - February 2019

Funk's Foreign Report - May 2018

 Adam & Angela Sapelak (Spain)

Serving with SEND International; discipleship, logistics, and support.

February 2019 Update:

A Growing Heart

God has been working a lot in our hearts since our last update. We currently find ourselves at a beautiful crossroads where suffering and joy meet. Today Ang will share her journey:

Just weeks ago we were sitting on the couch, filled with emotion, feeling defeated by the repercussions of five difficult years in Spain along with physical pain and how that has affected our family. After Talia was born I (Ang) have had quite a few medical complications and have been in a lot of pain for the past three months. We were hoping to begin traveling in January to visit churches and supporters but our doctor has said that I cannot be traveling right now. While siting on the couch together I asked Adam with a broken voice, “Why is this happening? We want to serve the Lord but we keep getting knocked down by thing after thing.” There are many days when I would cry due to pain and my tendency was to question God, to become frustrated with Him. I felt completely FED UP and bitterness was beginning to creep into my heart.

At our church that we currently attend, I went up to the front for prayer, feeling desperate, and a couple prayed over me before the sermon. The sermon that day was about suffering. I cried as I heard about the different reasons for suffering and I began to journey with God and ponder what my/our suffering is for. My heart began to soften as I listened to the pastor speak. One thing that stuck out to me was that sometimes, while also being for our own growth, it can be a testimony for others. That inspired me to examine my heart and attitude and see what message I was sending to those around me through my response to suffering. Does my response reflect a good and loving God regardless of circumstances? The pastor gently encouraged us to praise God through suffering…so I accepted that challenge. Since that day, every time I am in pain, I try to praise God and my attitude has begun to CHANGE. During those moments of pain, led by praise, my thoughts have been directed to the painful sacrifice that God made for us during the long process of his death and having to live in a broken, sinful world. He was willing to do that for me...for all of us. As I am learning how to praise Him through my own suffering, I am able to see more clearly how He is intimately present in my life. He is so gracious to allow me to suffer SO THAT I can receive His love and comfort in a deeper way than ever before.

I am also praising God because He recently opened doors for me to meet with a few different women who are struggling in different ways and it has been a blessing to be able to walk alongside and pray with them. I have developed a deeper understanding and love for people who are suffering because of the hard times that God has allowed me to walk through.

We feel such purpose during this one year home service in Canada. It doesn’t look at all like we imagined but God had a better plan. We cannot travel right now but our relationships with God have deepened, we have been attending various training conferences, courses on evangelism and how to communicate better, meeting with pastors, Bible studies and discipling people here in Canada. We feel like sponges soaking up all of these things that are equipping us to be better ministry workers and we are able to practice them as we learn which is both a blessing to us and to others.

We praise God as a family for what He has allowed us to go through and we rejoice in how He is equipping us now for the work that He has in store for us...for His glory.

The Spanish church we worked in continues to struggle forward. A few more of the mature believers have left, not for bad reasons but because life has led them to other places. The merging of the two churches, which Adam was helping with, has slowed to a crawl and we can only trust that God has the best plan and timing for both churches.

- Physical healing for Ang so she can engage more freely in both family and ministry life.
- That we would gain the tools we need to better engage this world for Christ.
- Courage to go where the Spirit leads us daily.
- Deep spiritual growth for those at our church in Spain

January 2019 Update:

  • Please pray for our San Fernando church that we were working with in Spain. They are losing some of their more mature believers due to natural life changes (moving, career changes). In a church of 30 people that is a big hit. They are also working on merging with another, stronger church but the process is complicated.
  • We would appreciate prayer specifically for a couple A and M (for privacy I won't put their real names). We met them at a coffee shop 3 years ago and started spending time together regularly. They do not know the Lord but we have had many great conversations. Please pray that God would soften their hearts towards Him.
  • Please pray for healing for Angela's body as she has had various medical complications.
  • As a family we would appreciated prayer for wisdom as we parent, for a stronger marriage and a deeper walk with God for each of us.

To support us financially, contact SEND:


Call to set up automatic withdrawal (no service fee)
Phone: (519) 657-6775
Toll Free: (888) 918-5036

Donate online from Canada (3.5% service fee), select the fund "Sapelak, Adam & Angela - Spain - Support":

Rick & Cheryl Ashton 

Serving part-time with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Follow them on Rick and Cheryl's Adventures.
Learn more about PAOC.

Community Blessing Fund

Purpose: to bless an organization or public institution (school, senior care facility, community centre, library, etc.) as a means of demonstrating a responsibility and care for our neighbours in our broader community.  The blessing should engender an on-going personal relationship with the organization or institution.

Local Ministries Fund

Purpose: to sponsor Christian organizations in Regina, or non-Christian organizations in Regina providing a service in harmony with PCC values.

Guidelines: Written proposals for either fund can be submitted to the pastoral staff.  Please contact the office for further details.