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#PCCRegina Sponsors the Following Global and Local Workers

Healing Hearts Ministry Inc. 

PCC supports Healing Hearts Ministries by praying for their ministry and supporting some of their workers financially.

Prayer is a vital part of any Christian ministry and at Healing Hearts Ministry Inc. (HHM) they realize that they can not do ministry without prayer.  The attached links to their Prayer Bulletin will help to give you a better understanding of who and what HHM is, as well as what everyone is involved in.  We thank you and value your prayers!

Attached is the HHMI Prayer Bulletin. We trust this will help you to see the bigger picture of the people involved with HHMI.

We do covet your prayers - we cannot do this ministry in our own strength. This is God's ministry and we all are privileged to be a part of what God is doing.

February 2019 Prayer Bulletin

November 2018 Prayer Bulletin

March 2018 Prayer Bulletin

The Selkes (Saskatchewan)

Walter and Cindy were married in 1989 and immediately became involved in ministry in Regina's northcentral community. God impressed upon them the need for a "spiritual hospital" for the wounded of the community and in 1994, Healing Hearts Ministry began in the Albert Scott Community Centre. The team of leadership expanded and the ministry grew beyond Regina to communities in Northern Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.
Currently, Walter and Cindy are Executive Directors of Healing Hearts Ministries, Inc. while also serving as General Director for Northern Canada Evangelical Mission with headquarters in Prince Albert, SK. They have three grown children: Mark (and Amy) living in Gladstone, MB; Daniel in Regina and Caylea in Regina.

Nick & Vivian Helliwell (Regina)

Nick & Vivian are faith missionaries serving
Urban First Nations people in Regina, Saskatchewan.
As founding members of the Healing Hearts community,
Nick & Vivian both actively reach into the community
they came out of over 20 years ago.
In order to supplement their missionary support,
Nick’s ministry to men includes serving as
a half-time chaplain at the Regina Provincial Corrections Centre.
Married in 1995, Nick and his wife Vivian have raised many children over the years,
having been foster parents for over 15 years.

The only constant in life...

Whew! To say there has been a few changes doesn't quite say it all. 
As I sit down to write this newsletter, I struggle to put to words the emotions.  No single episode seems to capture all that has happened.  Articulating the journey from grief to gratefulness is no easy narrative.  When I went to the hospital, Vivian weathered a traumatic emotional storm.  Fear of losing me, her husband, being left alone and with the kids.  Vivian has described those days in the hospital as being of particular grace poured out upon her.  That the staff we encountered were like unto the angels themselves ministering to her and myself.
The outpouring of sympathy, support and graciousness since then has been truly overwhelming.  From family, longtime friends, fellow Christians and even strangers.  Support poured in from a Go Fund Me campaign started by Vivian’s brother allowing me to take a month off.  People coming to visit with food and gifts.  I could go on and on…
Jesus Christ has brought blessing upon blessings to us and has been the peace amidst the storms.  We are a family.  We are all together.  We are surrounded by friends and loved ones.
We simply would not have made it through without God’s grace poured out upon us through so many wonderful people…

It is relatively quiet shortly after four o'clock.  A day off, Papa and the young ones watch yet another Christmas special while the older kids are either at some extracurricular activity or squirreled away somewhere doing their homework.  Vivian is downstairs quietly working by herself.  The doorbell rings and two little white dogs go nuts, barking as loud as they can. 
The three kids run to the stairs but know they have to wait for someone older to open the door.  Papa answers the door just as Alexah magically appears to ask, "Who is it?"
Another kind soul brings special treats.  The children, having waited a whole minute on the stairs, now rush down to bounce up and down excitedly singing “thank you’s” to someone they hardly know. Gratefully received is a treasure box of baking and sausage meats.

God has been so good and faithful and wonderful to us this past year. John 3:27 says "A person can receive only what is given them from heaven." The highest and best thank you we can give then, is grateful praise to Him who remains constant.

It will be a wonderful Christmas.  Certainly the best one the children have ever known.  Certainly the best Christmas we have ever known.

Praise the Lord! - and Thank You

The children's Child Tax Benefit came in!  We are carefully putting together a new financial plan to make the most of it.
The young kids, Alexah, (9), Serenity (6), Jayden (5) and Jordan are all happy, healthy and doing very well.
Our financial situation seems to have stabilized.  We have reviewed, re-arranged, re-organized and looking ahead things are looking alright.  We have set new goals, achievable and set new plan in place.  I feel really good about that.
Please Pray For Us

Please pray for our family as emotionally we are all still healing and still have things to be worked out.
Please pray for Vivian and I as parents to be wise in parenting all the kids protecting their dignity and respecting their personalities while teaching each of them how to do the same.
Please pray for Vivian as she needs time to herself that she would give herself time to pursue her own interests, talents and passions

Spurgeon & Gina Marie Root (Regina)

Serving with Healing Hearts Ministries. Surgeon is Director of Outreach Ministries. Gina Marie leads worship and abuse recovery groups.



February 2019 Update

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
I’ve been trying to get a note off to you all since the beginning of December, but I have just not been able to put into words what has been going on here and how we’re doing. Thank you to those who have been following us on Facebook and praying for our family and ministry during this time.

We had asked in our last newsletter for people to be praying for our friend Sheldon who was dealing with several large, ongoing health issues. At the beginning of December, we learned that there was nothing more that the doctors could do other than make Sheldon as comfortable as possible. We entered a time of waiting with Sheldon’s family and other friends. Much of the time he was not able to communicate, in fact we weren’t even sure whether he knew who it was that was visiting him.

At the same time, we were journeying through Advent. As the church Worship Leader, I coordinate the readings for each Sunday. We talk about Advent being a time of waiting and longing and that has never been as real to me as it was this year. I wrestled with holding both the themes of Advent (Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love) and my grief as we watched our friend slip away from us. I’ve found myself clinging to Emmanuel, God with Us, as we also attended Christmas concerts, meals and services.

On December 19th, Sheldon passed away. We were privileged to be a part of his wake and funeral just a couple days before Christmas. We got to grieve alongside his family and friends and to share with them the relationship he had with Jesus and the difference it made in his life.

A couple of years ago on Good Friday, we took Sheldon with us to a concert by a choir at the university here in Regina. I had been worried that he wouldn’t enjoy the music since it was very different from what he usually listened to. Part way through, I looked over at him and was surprised to see him leaning forward and absorbing the music with his whole being. Afterward, he said he had never heard music like that and never seen anyone play a violin in person. He loved the experience. Now I keep imagining him before the throne of God marveling at music beyond what we could imagine as he now joins in with the worship of the Jesus whom he followed.

Spurgeon’s cousin’s son was getting married on New Year’s Eve in Minnesota and we travelled down a couple of days early and enjoyed some much-needed time to rest and grieve. It was wonderful to see family down there that we haven’t seen in a while and to celebrate two truly lovely young people who love Jesus as they began their life together as husband and wife. I think having some time where we weren’t surrounded by sadness was a welcome respite for all of us.

So now it’s the new year and we're already halfway through February. We are back doing ministry and yet trying to give ourselves the space to grieve well. We will continue to struggle through this and that’s a good thing. The reason we hurt so much is because there was so much love in this relationship. While I wish we hadn’t had to say good-bye for now to Sheldon, I am so grateful that he was a part of our lives and our family. And I’m thankful for our friends and family who have loved us well during this time. Thank you.

Hug your loved ones and tell them how important they are to you.

Gina Marie Root   

Arlene Schroeder (Regina)

Serving with Healing Hearts Ministries; Office Administration, mentorship, and women’s ministries.

April 2019 Update

Hi everyone,

Thank you to all of you who have prayed for us, sent cards, and encouraged us we have walked and continue to walk the journey of the passing of my dad; the third parent to go home to be with Jesus in six and a half months.

This thing we call 'life' just keeps marching on. This letter was started in February - then 'life' happened. The transition of the Office Administrative position was added to the schedule and then 'poof' it seemed February was over. Then my dad passed on February 28. A couple weeks in March were then spent in Sylvan Lake as we helped clean up and sort through the last of my parents belongings.

Life is now getting back to a more 'normal' routine. There are still times and days when my brain is in a fog but it is getting better.

We still declare that "God is Good ALL the time." He is our strength and protector. He is in control even when it does not make sense to us. In Him we put our trust.

It is wonderful to have spring here with warmer days. Looking forward to what spring and summer will hold for us.

God Bless

April 2019

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March 2018

James & Dena Clifford (Regina)

Serving with Youth for Christ Canada and Youth for Christ International, with their Online Relational Evangelism project.



Ministry Report October 2018

Celebration of Life
Dena's Grandmother was very sick and she died peacefully on September 19. This past weekend we celebrated her life. Grandma planned the service before she died and it was filled with music, scripture, worship and a gospel presentation. We are thankful for her example of faith and love. She will be missed.

Online Evangelism Project:
We hired a video/media person to capture faith stories for the project. Katrina is currently raising her partnership development. Please pray God can bring in her final 30% of her partnership Developement by November 1,2018 so we can have her start.

- October 21, 2018 Fall Missions Conference at Parliament Community Church
- Please pray for seeking youth in Canada
- Pray God will provide Katrina her final 30% Partnership development
- Pray for good tenants.

Partnership Development
We are very grateful for your ongoing prayer and financial support. Your support allows us to serve the Lord with Youth in Canada. God continues to surprise us and provide our needs. In the past weeks I have met with partners who love Jesus and want to invest their donations dollars in God's Kingdom work-seeing youth impacted with the gospel. We still have room for you to join our team- Click Here

On the Homefront
Count your blessings...We have so many things to be thankful for as a family. God has answered many prayers. Zane was able to get a few days off and join us for the Thanksgiving weekend. It was great to be together. Bronwyn continues to work part-time and full-time UofR student. She enjoys both and has to very disciplined to get all her class work done well. Gabriel is in grade 12 and is looking into options for his future. He has talking about a gap year to work and attend bible school before University. Abby enjoyed playing for the High school soccer team, unfortunately they loss in the city semi finals.

Copyright © 2018 Youth for Christ Canada, All rights reserved.
PCC missionaries

Kirstie Kline (Regina) 

Serving with Youth For Christ, as a Discipleship Coordinator

The Regina Youth For Christ (RYFC) Community Team's work is to share the gospel with and disciple individuals who are primarily unchurched and have often been given up on. The youth we serve come from a variety of backgrounds and each is facing their own challenges. We desire to see each one of them come to saving faith in Christ and be equipped with the necessary tools to live whole and healthy lives. We desire to make disciples, who make disciples and change the world around them. Kirstie runs a Junior and Senior Youth group, girls support group, discipleship training course, oversees volunteers and mentors, mentors young girls, and helps with Lamb's Boxing Club. Please pray for God's leading and life-giving, spirit-filled contact with youth.

March 2019 Newsletter

December 2018 Newsletter

September 2018 Newsletter


Matt & Ruth (Winnipeg, MB)

Serving with MB Mission to coordinate projects in Central Asia, support our global workers around the world, and develop new missional leaders in Central Canada.

SOAR Season
April 1, 2016
Lives Transformed

The SOAR Season is always busy for our office as we run a SOAR program in Saskatoon (Feb 14-23) and one in Winnipeg (Mar. 21-30). SOAR is a 10 day mission experience where teams engage ministry in their own backyard along with worship and teaching.

This year at SOAR Heartland in Winnipeg I had the privilege of walking closely with one of the teams as we filmed their experience. We are planning a short documentary outlining the SOAR program from one teams perspective. During this process we were able to interview some of the students participants. A couple of them shared how this SOAR experience helped them to have confidence in who they are and step out and courageously share their faith. Their ministry was supporting many of the homeless people in Winnipeg by serving them meals and leading chapel services. During times spent in conversation with these homeless people the team was so challenged by the joy they experienced through those less fortunate than themselves and encouraged to find joy in their own circumstances.

80% of SOAR Heartland participants this year came for the first time and many of these newcomers had never experienced the need in Winnipeg's North End and the ministry that the church currently has in this region. It was amazing to see participants eyes opened to the need and then see them stand up and engage what they could do to help.

In the past couple years we as a family have all lived on site and fully been invested into SOAR Heartland. This year we had to be creative about how we would manage our SOAR participation because of the two young foster kids. Thanks to some amazing respite providers Ruth was able to be there for the majority of the program, just having to juggle heading back and forth between home and SOAR. 

I (Matt) was able to participate in SOAR Saskatchewan supporting the media team and at SOAR Heartland working with Media, Teaching, Leader Care and Hosting sessions. Also Mr. Science (Matt) made a couple appearances, making a slingshot one evening.

To see some of the media produced during SOAR check out our facebook page or our Youtube channel. Hopefully the short documentary on SOAR Heartland will be released in the next couple months.
 A Bit About the Brauns
We continue to enjoy the busyness of life as a family of six. There have only been 2 trips to emergency this month, both ending without any big issues (everyone is ok). Abbie and Caleb both are enjoying school and during their spring break they came to help out at SOAR Heartland. However, sadly Abbie was sick with the flu through a large part of the program. We love having our kids join us in ministry and live in an environment so rich in worship, teaching and the presence of God. Our two foster kids are both doing great.  Even though Ruth is technically not on Multiply staff she continues to pour her heart and time into programs like SOAR, where she worked with a team to care for the 46 leaders that were on SOAR this year.


Before The Throne:

  • Praise God for the strength he provided to endure the long days on SOAR.

  • Praise God for 2 kids that made first-time commitments to the Lord during SOAR.

  • Please pray that as these SOAR participants transition home that their newfound passion for Jesus and ministry would continue to be nurtured.

  • As MB Mission has transitioned to Multiply we continue to have many conversations around what this change means. Pray that we can clearly share the new season that God has brought for Multiply.

Upcoming events:

Mission Under Discussion
April 14

Multiply Launch Sunday
May 5

TREK Begins
May 5

Multiply Launch Celebration, Winnipeg

 Phil & Carol Bergen (Burkina Faso)  

Serving with MB Missions among our adopted people group, the Nanerige; team leadership, church planting. 

May you be encouraged by Phil’s stories in this month’s Blip! 




March 2019

Greetings all,

Since the new year Pastor Madou has been busy finishing up the improvements on the church courtyard—the guesthouse renovations, having a well dug for it, raising an old building two feet (floor and ceiling) that has flooded often during rainy season over the past 34 years, adding some tin shade awnings and a covered cooking area. He also ordered some new beds for the guesthouse. He’s done a fantastic job heading up the completion of these projects. In February Madou’s wife and I enjoyed attending the women’s seminar in Orodara with about a dozen others from our area. Below is a picture of the participants (I took the picture, so that’s why you won’t find me). They now hold it every two years instead of annually. Well, those are a couple praise items that didn’t make it into the blip this time, as I was trying to keep it to two pages!

Thanks for your prayers! Carol & Phil

March 2019 Blip

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Pastor Madou Traore (Burkina Faso)

Serving alongside the Bergens among the Nanerige people; pastoring, discipling, and leadership development.


Richard & Hazel Funk (Austria)

Serving with MB Mission, Member Care facilitators to missionaries in Europe and Central Asia; mentoring, teaching, and discipling Austrian church leaders.

April 4, 2019

Dear Friends! 

We just returned from a week of Open Hearts ministry in Budapest, Hungary, which is training / seminar utilizing small groups to lead participants in a process of examining past hurts and abuse, reviewing the resulting damage and moving on to forgiveness, healing and wholeness.  The over 50 participants were almost all from former communist countries in Eastern Europe.  Hazel co-lead a group of 7 ladies from 7 different countries, while Richard co-lead a men’s group, with mostly Moldovans.  You may ask, “what language did you use?”.  The verbal language was English, which participants knew remarkedly well.  However the language of the heart, our own brokenness and woundedness, led us into deep understanding and bonding.  Richard commented in the end, “If I were 30 years younger, I’d love to minister amongst these people in Eastern Europe.”  Participants shared of their childhood experiences under atheistic regimes, where physical, emotional, verbal and sexual abuse abounded in the home and society.

Thank you so much for your prayers!  The verse that comes to my mind when we think of these wonderful people is Philippians 1:6 “being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.”    We both stayed healthy and had strength for each full day!

Please continue to pray for:

  • These participants as they go back to their work places and homes.  Pray for healing to continue as they seek to establish new, healthy patterns in their lives.
  • April will be a month of preparations!  Richard preaches the Easter sermon here in Linz;  Hazel will be speaking at a women’s breakfast in Gmunden in May; together we will be speaking at a church camp in the middle of May.  In June we will be teaching a four day seminar.   
  • Thank you for your prayers for the church planting seminar that was held in March.  This Saturday, our Austrian MB conference executive meets to reflect on this seminar and consider next steps towards church planting.

Thank you so much for journeying with us. Thank you for your prayers and financial support!

Richard & Hazel

Funk's Foreign Report - February 2019

Funk's Foreign Report - May 2018

 Adam & Angela Sapelak (Spain)

Serving with SEND International; discipleship, logistics, and support.

February 2019 Update:

A Growing Heart

God has been working a lot in our hearts since our last update. We currently find ourselves at a beautiful crossroads where suffering and joy meet. Today Ang will share her journey:

Just weeks ago we were sitting on the couch, filled with emotion, feeling defeated by the repercussions of five difficult years in Spain along with physical pain and how that has affected our family. After Talia was born I (Ang) have had quite a few medical complications and have been in a lot of pain for the past three months. We were hoping to begin traveling in January to visit churches and supporters but our doctor has said that I cannot be traveling right now. While siting on the couch together I asked Adam with a broken voice, “Why is this happening? We want to serve the Lord but we keep getting knocked down by thing after thing.” There are many days when I would cry due to pain and my tendency was to question God, to become frustrated with Him. I felt completely FED UP and bitterness was beginning to creep into my heart.

At our church that we currently attend, I went up to the front for prayer, feeling desperate, and a couple prayed over me before the sermon. The sermon that day was about suffering. I cried as I heard about the different reasons for suffering and I began to journey with God and ponder what my/our suffering is for. My heart began to soften as I listened to the pastor speak. One thing that stuck out to me was that sometimes, while also being for our own growth, it can be a testimony for others. That inspired me to examine my heart and attitude and see what message I was sending to those around me through my response to suffering. Does my response reflect a good and loving God regardless of circumstances? The pastor gently encouraged us to praise God through suffering…so I accepted that challenge. Since that day, every time I am in pain, I try to praise God and my attitude has begun to CHANGE. During those moments of pain, led by praise, my thoughts have been directed to the painful sacrifice that God made for us during the long process of his death and having to live in a broken, sinful world. He was willing to do that for me...for all of us. As I am learning how to praise Him through my own suffering, I am able to see more clearly how He is intimately present in my life. He is so gracious to allow me to suffer SO THAT I can receive His love and comfort in a deeper way than ever before.

I am also praising God because He recently opened doors for me to meet with a few different women who are struggling in different ways and it has been a blessing to be able to walk alongside and pray with them. I have developed a deeper understanding and love for people who are suffering because of the hard times that God has allowed me to walk through.

We feel such purpose during this one year home service in Canada. It doesn’t look at all like we imagined but God had a better plan. We cannot travel right now but our relationships with God have deepened, we have been attending various training conferences, courses on evangelism and how to communicate better, meeting with pastors, Bible studies and discipling people here in Canada. We feel like sponges soaking up all of these things that are equipping us to be better ministry workers and we are able to practice them as we learn which is both a blessing to us and to others.

We praise God as a family for what He has allowed us to go through and we rejoice in how He is equipping us now for the work that He has in store for us...for His glory.

The Spanish church we worked in continues to struggle forward. A few more of the mature believers have left, not for bad reasons but because life has led them to other places. The merging of the two churches, which Adam was helping with, has slowed to a crawl and we can only trust that God has the best plan and timing for both churches.

- Physical healing for Ang so she can engage more freely in both family and ministry life.
- That we would gain the tools we need to better engage this world for Christ.
- Courage to go where the Spirit leads us daily.
- Deep spiritual growth for those at our church in Spain

January 2019 Update:

  • Please pray for our San Fernando church that we were working with in Spain. They are losing some of their more mature believers due to natural life changes (moving, career changes). In a church of 30 people that is a big hit. They are also working on merging with another, stronger church but the process is complicated.
  • We would appreciate prayer specifically for a couple A and M (for privacy I won't put their real names). We met them at a coffee shop 3 years ago and started spending time together regularly. They do not know the Lord but we have had many great conversations. Please pray that God would soften their hearts towards Him.
  • Please pray for healing for Angela's body as she has had various medical complications.
  • As a family we would appreciated prayer for wisdom as we parent, for a stronger marriage and a deeper walk with God for each of us.

To support us financially, contact SEND:


Call to set up automatic withdrawal (no service fee)
Phone: (519) 657-6775
Toll Free: (888) 918-5036

Donate online from Canada (3.5% service fee), select the fund "Sapelak, Adam & Angela - Spain - Support":

Rick & Cheryl Ashton 

Serving part-time with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Follow them on Rick and Cheryl's Adventures.
Learn more about PAOC.

Community Blessing Fund

Purpose: to bless an organization or public institution (school, senior care facility, community centre, library, etc.) as a means of demonstrating a responsibility and care for our neighbours in our broader community.  The blessing should engender an on-going personal relationship with the organization or institution.

Local Ministries Fund

Purpose: to sponsor Christian organizations in Regina, or non-Christian organizations in Regina providing a service in harmony with PCC values.

Guidelines: Written proposals for either fund can be submitted to the pastoral staff.  Please contact the office for further details.