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#PCCRegina Sponsors the Following Global and Local Workers

Healing Hearts Ministry Inc. 

PCC supports Healing Hearts Ministries by praying for their ministry and supporting some of their workers financially.

Prayer is a vital part of any Christian ministry and at Healing Hearts Ministry Inc. (HHM) they realize that they can not do ministry without prayer.  The attached links to their Prayer Bulletin will help to give you a better understanding of who and what HHM is, as well as what everyone is involved in.  We thank you and value your prayers!

Attached is the HHMI Prayer Bulletin. We trust this will help you to see the bigger picture of the people involved with HHMI.

We do covet your prayers - we cannot do this ministry in our own strength. This is God's ministry and we all are privileged to be a part of what God is doing.

March Prayer Bulletin

The Selkes (Saskatchewan)

Walter and Cindy were married in 1989 and immediately became involved in ministry in Regina's northcentral community. God impressed upon them the need for a "spiritual hospital" for the wounded of the community and in 1994, Healing Hearts Ministry began in the Albert Scott Community Centre. The team of leadership expanded and the ministry grew beyond Regina to communities in Northern Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.
Currently, Walter and Cindy are Executive Directors of Healing Hearts Ministries, Inc. while also serving as General Director for Northern Canada Evangelical Mission with headquarters in Prince Albert, SK. They have three grown children: Mark (and Amy) living in Gladstone, MB; Daniel in Regina and Caylea in Regina.

Nick & Vivian Helliwell (Regina)

Nick & Vivian are faith missionaries serving
Urban First Nations people in Regina, Saskatchewan.
As founding members of the Healing Hearts community,
Nick & Vivian both actively reach into the community
they came out of over 20 years ago.
In order to supplement their missionary support,
Nick’s ministry to men includes serving as
a half-time chaplain at the Regina Provincial Corrections Centre.
Married in 1995, Nick and his wife Vivian have raised many children over the years,
having been foster parents for over 15 years.

The only constant in life...

Whew! To say there has been a few changes doesn't quite say it all. 
As I sit down to write this newsletter, I struggle to put to words the emotions.  No single episode seems to capture all that has happened.  Articulating the journey from grief to gratefulness is no easy narrative.  When I went to the hospital, Vivian weathered a traumatic emotional storm.  Fear of losing me, her husband, being left alone and with the kids.  Vivian has described those days in the hospital as being of particular grace poured out upon her.  That the staff we encountered were like unto the angels themselves ministering to her and myself.
The outpouring of sympathy, support and graciousness since then has been truly overwhelming.  From family, longtime friends, fellow Christians and even strangers.  Support poured in from a Go Fund Me campaign started by Vivian’s brother allowing me to take a month off.  People coming to visit with food and gifts.  I could go on and on…
Jesus Christ has brought blessing upon blessings to us and has been the peace amidst the storms.  We are a family.  We are all together.  We are surrounded by friends and loved ones.
We simply would not have made it through without God’s grace poured out upon us through so many wonderful people…

It is relatively quiet shortly after four o'clock.  A day off, Papa and the young ones watch yet another Christmas special while the older kids are either at some extracurricular activity or squirreled away somewhere doing their homework.  Vivian is downstairs quietly working by herself.  The doorbell rings and two little white dogs go nuts, barking as loud as they can. 
The three kids run to the stairs but know they have to wait for someone older to open the door.  Papa answers the door just as Alexah magically appears to ask, "Who is it?"
Another kind soul brings special treats.  The children, having waited a whole minute on the stairs, now rush down to bounce up and down excitedly singing “thank you’s” to someone they hardly know. Gratefully received is a treasure box of baking and sausage meats.

God has been so good and faithful and wonderful to us this past year. John 3:27 says "A person can receive only what is given them from heaven." The highest and best thank you we can give then, is grateful praise to Him who remains constant.

It will be a wonderful Christmas.  Certainly the best one the children have ever known.  Certainly the best Christmas we have ever known.

Praise the Lord! - and Thank You

The children's Child Tax Benefit came in!  We are carefully putting together a new financial plan to make the most of it.
The young kids, Alexah, (9), Serenity (6), Jayden (5) and Jordan are all happy, healthy and doing very well.
Our financial situation seems to have stabilized.  We have reviewed, re-arranged, re-organized and looking ahead things are looking alright.  We have set new goals, achievable and set new plan in place.  I feel really good about that.
Please Pray For Us

Please pray for our family as emotionally we are all still healing and still have things to be worked out.
Please pray for Vivian and I as parents to be wise in parenting all the kids protecting their dignity and respecting their personalities while teaching each of them how to do the same.
Please pray for Vivian as she needs time to herself that she would give herself time to pursue her own interests, talents and passions

Spurgeon & Gina Marie Root (Regina)

Serving with Healing Hearts Ministries. Surgeon is Director of Outreach Ministries. Gina Marie leads worship and abuse recovery groups.

January 2018
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Once again we started a newsletter with the intention of getting it out at the beginning of December and now it's finally happening in mid-January. If nothing else, we're consistent. We hope that you all had a joyful Christmas and found some time to enjoy those you love and to rest.

We took a fair amount of time off over the holidays to simply be together at home. We enjoyed our traditional (for us) Christmas supper of homemade personal pizzas, watched a lot of TV and movies, stayed up too late and slept in, and took a much needed rest from our normally chaotic schedule. It was lovely and very much enjoyed.

On a more difficult family note, we have had to say goodbye to our beloved family dog, Bogart. He had gotten quite old, had a number of health problems and had bitten a couple of people when he was startled. It was a very difficult decision and there have been a lot of tears as Bogart was the first dog that Gina Marie and the girls had really known as a pet. Shortly after we also lost Keziah's guinea pig, Mary, who was very dear to her. We find ourselves extra thankful for Summit (our large, insane, bouncing 1-year-old German Shepherd) and Missy (our other guinea pig) and the ways God shows us his love for us through them.

This is my (Gina Marie's) favourite picture from this Christmas season. It is Sheldon lighting the Peace Candle for Advent. To me it is a picture of redemption. In the past, Sheldon was a very violent person with a story that is filled with trauma and disfunction. Now he is family. He hangs out and helps Spurgeon all the time, brings his kids to church and Fathers' Group, and has shared his story with several of the missions groups that have come to Healing Hearts. And he lit the Peace Candle as we spoke of how Jesus brings us peace. God is definitely with us.

It isn’t uncommon for me (Spurgeon) to be messaging with a variety of people in the evening and so when Cody got a hold of me it wasn’t that unusual. He wanted to know if I would be in the shop the next day and if I could pick him up. I answered yes to both of those and the next morning I took him in to work with me. A couple days later he thanked me for picking him up and said he really appreciated hanging out. I told him it was no problem and that I enjoyed hanging out with him. He was quiet for a moment, thanked me again and then said, “When you answered me, I was already talking to another guy. He wanted me to go out boosting (stealing, doing break and enters) with him. I was literally looking in my closet and deciding if Ishould wear black cause it was dark out or white because of the fresh snow…” He looked at the floor in shame but then looked back up at me and smiled, “When you answered me I told my bro I had other plans and couldn’t go out. Thanks for always answering, thanks for taking me to the shop.”

Having the shop more or less back up and running this fall has been very encouraging and exciting. As frustrating as dealing with the fire has been, this morning when I was going in and looking at our new building this scripture came to mind: “Unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only one seed. But if it dies it produces many seeds.” John 12:24 I know this is talking about the gospel and hints at the dying toself we need to do, but this morning as I was thinking about the many seeds that sprouted from the death of the previous wood shop, it seemed to relate.  The number of opportunities that are arising with the new shop, the many people who are interested in helping, and the support we are gaining for the work we are doing is both exciting and at times overwhelming. I have been praying and looking for a while for people who could come and help and this is an ever-growing need. On one hand, there are people showing up, but that is now adding the challenge of managing and caring for these folks, which then means I could use a couple more people to do the tasks that I would be doing if I wasn’t managing people and trying to look after them. It is both a nice problem to have and a challenging one. I continue to be stretched beyond what I can do and suspect that will always be the case here.

We have officially started the Regina Gang Exit Network (ReGEN)! This has been a long time in coming and had a number of hiccups, but it has finally happened. It is running in partnership with and somewhat parallel to the shop but also separate. After much deliberation it was decided that the gang exit piece would be run outside of Church “control.” We did not want exit to be seen to be tied to a particular belief system or to have word circulating that you needed to be a Christian if you wanted out. Conversely, we did not want secular demands or expectations to collide with Church mandates and belief. So, the shop will continue to be a Christian program, which provides services to ReGEN, and ReGEN will be the secular vehicle that provides exit opportunities to everyone who wants that.  It seemed the best approach to a potentially sticky situation.

Arlene Schroeder (Regina)

Serving with Healing Hearts Ministries; Office Administration, mentorship, and women’s ministries.

God is good; all the time God is good.


Included in July 2018 newsletter you will find out what anniversary we just celebrated and a story about "Little is much when God is in it."

We are leaving for holidays July 23 - plan #4. We had to change up where we were going because of the fires in BC and I would not be able to handle smoke. So we will be spending most of next week in the Red Deer area. Then will have 2 weeks of camping close to home.

Trust you are all enjoying the summer.

God bless

July 2018

May 2018

March 2018

Joel Braun (Regina)

Serving with Healing Hearts Ministries; operates True Wheels, a bike repair shop, as a means to reach community youth. 

We are excited at the bike shop to be ramping up now that spring is finally here! This past week (1st week in May) we had 20 bikes dropped off for donations and this week promises to be just as busy! We are also having a fundraiser banquet for both the wood shop and bike shop this Friday May 11. Please let me know if you are interested in attending. There will be Indian Tacos for supper and a silent auction of items that have been made in our shops. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and financial support in this ministry!

Spring 2018 Newsletter

James & Dena Clifford (Regina)

Serves with Youth for Christ Canada and Youth for Christ International, with their Online Relational Evangelism project.

Psalm 63 :1"O God, you are my God: earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water."

National Ministry and Training Conference
Dena and I had the opportunity to attend the YFC Canada National conference in Princeton BC at beautiful Rock Ridge Canyon. During the week the staff and families were challenged with the theme of One YFC- unified in Christ (John 17) reaching youth in Canada. Part of our training was on Shepherd leadership who give protection, provision and presence with those they lead. It was a great reminder of our role with the young people and youth leaders we serve.

Online Relational Evangelism reaching seeking youth for Christ
My role continues to change with the Online Relational Evangelism project. As of July 1, I will be on lone from YFC Canada to the YFC International team. The only thing that changes is who I report to. Dave Brereton our former YFC Canada National Director has moved on July 1 to YFCI Director- he has a real passion for this Online project and sees the potential as a resource for the International YFC Family.

Our Online Evangelism tool has gone live as of July 2. We are excited to have the project completed this far and will spend the summer testing and adding content.

Donors seen as Partners in Ministry
God continues to amazing us with people in our lives committed to seeing the mission of reaching lost teens with the gospel. Your prayer and financial support are vital to the mission Christ has called us too. The Lord has been challenging us to depend more on our partners by providing good communication and updates on what God is doing. Click To Partner

Praise and Prayer
Pray for seeking youth who are looking for faith, hope and love found only in Jesus and His people.
Praise God our first draft of is active.
Praying for 20 online coaches to engage youth in conversations about faith and life.
Katrina is joining our team and is currently raising her Ministry Partnership Developement. Pray her funds come in quickly.

On the Home Front
Dena was so ready for a break- her year at the school was more stressful with many changes. After the National conference the entire family was able to spend a few days with Zane in Vancouver before we headed home. Zane continues to work full time and taking a acting course between auditions. He seems to be enjoying life on the West Coast. Bronwyn is working full-time and is currently taking 2 UofR classes. She is passionate about using her degree to help those who can't help themselves. Gabe passed his Grade 8 piano exam and is currently looking for a summer job. Abby completed grade 10 and will be working at AIA Soccer Camp at our church in August.

Ron & Betty Russell (Japan)

Serving with MB Mission in Japan from April 14th to June 30th as English teachers in an MB Church which uses this as outreach to those seeking to improve their English language skills for travel or business.

Doris Goertz, the missionary they fill in for, will be on MINA for this time period. Having done this twice before, Ron & Betty are well acquainted with the church, most of the students, and the wonderful opportunity of serving the Amagasaki MB Christ Church in various ways. They covet your prayers and support for physical strength and spiritual vitality!

Matt & Ruth (Winnipeg, MB)

Serving with MB Mission to coordinate projects in Central Asia, support our global workers around the world, and develop new missional leaders in Central Canada.

The Story behind the Name

It was brought to our attention recently that we have never shared the meaning behind the title of our updates. For eight years now, the Common Thread has regularly graced your inbox, and we feel it is high time we shared the meaning behind that phrase with you.

COMMON THREAD definition: An idea or theme that is consistently present
in several different areas or things

When we first landed in T*rky, one of the things that struck us was the abundance of weavings, carpets, and tapestries. Rich colours, patterns, and designs danced before our eyes everywhere we went. We marvelled at the individual threads which ran through the patterns and brought cohesive beauty to the designs. It reminded us of the Church, and the way that Christ's love is a bright thread woven through each one of our stories, and how our stories are each a part of a bigger, greater story. THE story. The story we had travelled across the ocean to share. And even though we were in a foreign land so far from all of you, we felt the connection of those common threads of prayer and encouragement and love from each one of you, tying into our new story.

Now, as we continue that tapestry in Winnipeg, all of those threads continue to weave together. And some of the colours or patterns may not make sense to us all the time. The back side of a tapestry is a mess of mixed colours and tangled threads, and sometimes life feels like we are looking at the wrong side of the picture. Yet God, the Master Weaver, is still at work. As He weaves His story through each of us in ways that we may not expect or understand, we can trust His design and His plan. He sees the bigger picture. The end result.

As we travel across the ocean once again to T*rky next week, we are excited to discover the new threads that will be added to the story that God is telling through our lives and ministry. We know that we will feel the impact of your prayers going with us and supporting us. We are so grateful for each one of you who are woven into the tapestry of our life in such rich and significant ways.

Commissioning one of our TREK families who will be serving at Living Word Temple here in Winnipeg




Carol Letkeman teaching a session during ACTION Orientation at MCI in Gretna, MB



  • Last Wednesday evening was the TREK commissioning service at CMU in Winnipeg. We are so thankful for each TREK participant as they finish their orientation and now head into their next 7 months of ministry!
  • We are currently in Gretna, MB participating in the ACTION orientation week. It is a great group of participants this year! Praise God for what He is doing in each heart and life through this program!
  • Please pray for all of our participants in the coming weeks and months - that the TREK and ACTION programs would be a significant thread that God is weaving into their own stories as they seek to follow Him.
  • Please pray for our family as we prepare to fly to T*rky on July 12th! It will be the first time back in Turkey for Ruth and Caleb, and we anticipate that this short term missions trip will be a significant and stretching experience for us as a family.
  • Pray for Matt as he works out all of the many last minute details and logistics that will allow Building Leaders For Peace to happen!
  • Pray for Ruth as she completes the Junior Peacebuilders curriculum that she has been developing and as she teaches the 18 children that will be attending Building Leaders For Peace this summer.



  • ACTION Orientation
    June 30-July 7

  • Brauns fly to Turkey!
    July 12

  • Building Leaders For Peace
    July 13-August 2

  • ACTION Debrief
    August 6-10

 Phil & Carol Bergen (Burkina Faso)  

Serving with MB Missions among our adopted people group, the Nanerige; team leadership, church planting. 

May you be encouraged by Phil’s stories in this month’s Blip! 

August 5, 2018

Good morning all,

It’s a predawn Sunday morning in N’Dorola and since sometimes email works better on the off-hours, I’m gona try. Our internet connectivity in N’Dorola has taken a turn for the worse—thus far we are still able to receive email but cannot always get to Instant Messenger—most websites “timeout” before we can get to them. So email is still our communication method of choice.

 July / August 2018 Blip

 May / June 2018 Blip

March/April 2018 Blip

February 2018 Blip

December 2017 Blip

July 2017 Blip 

Pastor Madou Traore (Burkina Faso)

Serving alongside the Bergens among the Nanerige people; pastoring, discipling, and leadership development.


Richard & Hazel Funk (Austria)

Serving with MB Mission, Member Care facilitators to missionaries in Europe and Central Asia; mentoring, teaching, and discipling Austrian church leaders.

Our dear Friends!

We want to wish all of you a wonderful summer, relaxing times, family times and times to reflect, read and enjoy God’s creation.  In the care group that we are in,  we are concentrating on Ps. 23 and how to utilize our five senses… seeing, hearing, tasting, touching and smelling in getting to know God in a more intimate way.  We realize what a gift God gave us through our senses!! 

Thank you for your prayers as we spent time in Mexico with our Member Care Team.  We realized that our senses are much more alert when we arrive in a new country.  Seeing the bright colors, hearing different sounds of birds and dogs barking out in the fields, tasting the most wonderful foods, touching a cobweb and hoping the spider wasn’t poisonous and smelling a hog barn, not far from where we stayed… made us aware of the gift of our senses.  Our time together was filled with “member care”, seeking God in His Word and prayer, and meaningful times of discussion.  We had no jet lag in that week!  What a miracle.  

Prayer for the next month:

God’s leading, as we meet with people and seek to listen and respond with good questions.
Richard is preaching in one of our other MB churches this Sunday.  Pray for wisdom as he prepares and shares that that God has given him.
Continue to pray for the Al Massira (The Journey) Bible course, that is being offered to those of Muslim background.  The workers are very encouraged with the people that come and the questions that are asked.  Pray that God’s Holy Spirit will bring clarity and people will find to Jesus.
That we might relax and do the reading that we often do not get too in the hectic of work.  I, Hazel, am reading through Ps. 119 in different Bible Translations, in German and English.  My heart is longing for a greater love for God’s Word and my prayer is that it might become contagious. 
In August, several worker families from restricted areas, will visit us.  Pray for helpful and meaningful conversations that will encourage them as they return to their places of ministry.

“Thy Word have I hid in my heart, that I might not sin against Thee.”  

We wish you a blessed summer!

Hazel & Richard

Funk's Foreign Report - May 2018

Funk's Foreign Report  to read these stories and to view their itinerary while in Canada.

 Adam & Angela Sapelak (Spain)

Serving with SEND International; discipleship, logistics, and support.


A Time of Transition

First of all, we will be adding to our family this coming October! We are excited and nervous as we have a lot of transition ahead of us in these next few months. This update is longer than usual so grab a coffee or tea before you dive in!

Here are a few things we have coming up:

May 30-31: Move out of our house into temporary housing
June 7: Fly to Ontario, Canada
June -- (date to be determined): Open house in Kitchener, ON
July 17-20: SEND Reconnect Conference in Ontario
July 22-26: SEND Family Conference in USA
July 30: Fly to Red Deer, Alberta
October 21: Baby Sapelak due

Prayer Points:

Spanish Residency: We are having complications receiving our 5 year Spanish residency which is what allows us to live in Spain. We handed our paperwork in at the exact time we were supposed to and have been working with a lawyer to stay on the safe side. It turns out that the government has slowed down significantly in processing this paperwork. At this point, unless a miracle happens, it looks like we will have to leave Spain without our residency. Our lawyer told us we will have to briefly fly back to Spain when our residency cards are ready to pick them up, however, with Angela being pregnant, she will most likely not be able to fly back. It is a very complicated process and also depends on what government worker you get on whether they will be understanding of the situation or not. If we cannot fly back when our cards are ready, we will most likely lose our residency and have to start the VISA process all over again in Canada. Please pray!

Pregnancy: The doctor has told Angela that she has a 60% chance of having preeclampsia again. While we trust God and don't want to worry about the unknown, it would largely affect our ability to travel during our home service if she does get it and can be discouraging and scary as it is a dangerous condition. We would appreciate prayer for God's peace either way. Please also pray for the health of Angela and the baby during these transitions and multiple flights.

SEND Spain Leadership: The leadership structure of SEND Spain is set up so our Area Council has highest authority, then the Area Director and then the team leaders. We recently went through some changes and currently do not have a director for SEND Spain and our Area Council also went through multiple changes. Please pray as we are in the process of electing new leaders.

Family Points:

Adam has been doing so well! He has preached in Spanish two times in the past two months and did a wonderful job. The people in his discipleship class are sad to see him go but have said time and time again what a blessing their time together has been. He will also be helping organize a BBQ with our church and another church that we may merge with in the future. He is trying to help that relationship grow and deepen to discern if and when they may be able to merge. He served on our SEND Spain area council for the past year and enjoyed it immensely...his term came to an end this month.

Angela, when time permits, has been reaching out to other young missionary mothers, whether taking meals over during difficult times or simply sending encouraging messages. It has become very aware to us that young missionary families, us included, struggle a lot and we are enjoying building community with others and being a mutual encouragement to each other. She continues to work on improving her Spanish. This month is being filled up with organizing, packing and preparing to move.

Ben just turned three years old and he is always happy with a soccer ball, some bubbles or toy cars! He speaks both English and Spanish and often mixes them together which creates some fun and interesting phrases. Due to speaking two languages he was slower to speak at first but is catching up now and starting to chatter away just like his mama and papa!!! He is quite attached to our home and when we travel he often says, "I want to go home, I want my house." So we are trying to talk through these future transitions with him and coming up with some strategic ways to help him view our family as "home". He seems to understand that there will be a baby joining us in the future as well. He would like a baby sister so we'll see what happens there!

As a family we are trying to effectively process these transitions. Leaving our house, community, friends, SEND team, Ben's daycare, church and Spain after five years is overwhelming. Spain feels like home and yet it doesn't, Canada feels like home and yet it doesn't. We realize that this transition will not be easy and will very likely feel quite lonely as our two worlds clash together. Our key is to stay close to God and stay close as a family as we process each change together.

Thank you for reading this long update and for your thoughts and prayers for our family. We appreciate your support so much!

To support us financially, contact SEND:


Call to set up automatic withdrawal (no service fee)
Phone: (519) 657-6775
Toll Free: (888) 918-5036

Donate online from Canada (3.5% service fee), select the fund "Sapelak, Adam & Angela - Spain - Support":

Rick & Cheryl Ashton 

Serving part-time with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Follow them on Rick and Cheryl's Adventures.
Learn more about PAOC.

Community Blessing Fund

Purpose: to bless an organization or public institution (school, senior care facility, community centre, library, etc.) as a means of demonstrating a responsibility and care for our neighbours in our broader community.  The blessing should engender an on-going personal relationship with the organization or institution.

Local Ministries Fund

Purpose: to sponsor Christian organizations in Regina, or non-Christian organizations in Regina providing a service in harmony with PCC values.

Guidelines: Written proposals for either fund can be submitted to the pastoral staff.  Please contact the office for further details.