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#PCCRegina Sponsors the Following Global and Local Workers

Healing Hearts Ministry Inc. 

PCC supports Healing Hearts Ministries by praying for their ministry and supporting some of their workers financially.

Prayer is a vital part of any Christian ministry and at Healing Hearts Ministry Inc. (HHM) they realize that they can not do ministry without prayer.  The attached links to their Prayer Bulletin will help to give you a better understanding of who and what HHM is, as well as what everyone is involved in.  We thank you and value your prayers!

Attached is the HHMI Prayer Bulletin. We trust this will help you to see the bigger picture of the people involved with HHMI.

We do covet your prayers - we cannot do this ministry in our own strength. This is God's ministry and we all are privileged to be a part of what God is doing.

March Prayer Bulletin

The Selkes (Saskatchewan)

Walter and Cindy were married in 1989 and immediately became involved in ministry in Regina's northcentral community. God impressed upon them the need for a "spiritual hospital" for the wounded of the community and in 1994, Healing Hearts Ministry began in the Albert Scott Community Centre. The team of leadership expanded and the ministry grew beyond Regina to communities in Northern Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Alberta.
Currently, Walter and Cindy are Executive Directors of Healing Hearts Ministries, Inc. while also serving as General Director for Northern Canada Evangelical Mission with headquarters in Prince Albert, SK. They have three grown children: Mark (and Amy) living in Gladstone, MB; Daniel in Regina and Caylea in Regina.

Nick & Vivian Helliwell (Regina)

Nick & Vivian are faith missionaries serving
Urban First Nations people in Regina, Saskatchewan.
As founding members of the Healing Hearts community,
Nick & Vivian both actively reach into the community
they came out of over 20 years ago.
In order to supplement their missionary support,
Nick’s ministry to men includes serving as
a half-time chaplain at the Regina Provincial Corrections Centre.
Married in 1995, Nick and his wife Vivian have raised many children over the years,
having been foster parents for over 15 years.

The only constant in life...

Whew! To say there has been a few changes doesn't quite say it all. 
As I sit down to write this newsletter, I struggle to put to words the emotions.  No single episode seems to capture all that has happened.  Articulating the journey from grief to gratefulness is no easy narrative.  When I went to the hospital, Vivian weathered a traumatic emotional storm.  Fear of losing me, her husband, being left alone and with the kids.  Vivian has described those days in the hospital as being of particular grace poured out upon her.  That the staff we encountered were like unto the angels themselves ministering to her and myself.
The outpouring of sympathy, support and graciousness since then has been truly overwhelming.  From family, longtime friends, fellow Christians and even strangers.  Support poured in from a Go Fund Me campaign started by Vivian’s brother allowing me to take a month off.  People coming to visit with food and gifts.  I could go on and on…
Jesus Christ has brought blessing upon blessings to us and has been the peace amidst the storms.  We are a family.  We are all together.  We are surrounded by friends and loved ones.
We simply would not have made it through without God’s grace poured out upon us through so many wonderful people…

It is relatively quiet shortly after four o'clock.  A day off, Papa and the young ones watch yet another Christmas special while the older kids are either at some extracurricular activity or squirreled away somewhere doing their homework.  Vivian is downstairs quietly working by herself.  The doorbell rings and two little white dogs go nuts, barking as loud as they can. 
The three kids run to the stairs but know they have to wait for someone older to open the door.  Papa answers the door just as Alexah magically appears to ask, "Who is it?"
Another kind soul brings special treats.  The children, having waited a whole minute on the stairs, now rush down to bounce up and down excitedly singing “thank you’s” to someone they hardly know. Gratefully received is a treasure box of baking and sausage meats.

God has been so good and faithful and wonderful to us this past year. John 3:27 says "A person can receive only what is given them from heaven." The highest and best thank you we can give then, is grateful praise to Him who remains constant.

It will be a wonderful Christmas.  Certainly the best one the children have ever known.  Certainly the best Christmas we have ever known.

Praise the Lord! - and Thank You

The children's Child Tax Benefit came in!  We are carefully putting together a new financial plan to make the most of it.
The young kids, Alexah, (9), Serenity (6), Jayden (5) and Jordan are all happy, healthy and doing very well.
Our financial situation seems to have stabilized.  We have reviewed, re-arranged, re-organized and looking ahead things are looking alright.  We have set new goals, achievable and set new plan in place.  I feel really good about that.
Please Pray For Us

Please pray for our family as emotionally we are all still healing and still have things to be worked out.
Please pray for Vivian and I as parents to be wise in parenting all the kids protecting their dignity and respecting their personalities while teaching each of them how to do the same.
Please pray for Vivian as she needs time to herself that she would give herself time to pursue her own interests, talents and passions

Spurgeon & Gina Marie Root (Regina)

Serving with Healing Hearts Ministries. Surgeon is Director of Outreach Ministries. Gina Marie leads worship and abuse recovery groups.

Spring / Summer 2018

A lot has happened since our last newsletter and as usual it is sort of a mix of the good, the bad and the ugly. Mostly good, though, and we are seeing God at work in many places and in the lives of our friends and co-workers.

God at work
Sheldon continues to be a steady relationship and a source of encouragement for us. One Sunday I was hanging out with him after church, and he was telling me he had gone to visit his uncle in the hospital after he had stroke. The uncle was asleep when Sheldon got there, and so he was reading his Bible out loud to his uncle. When the man opened his eyes, Sheldon stopped reading but his uncle said, “Keep reading, my boy. I like the change I see in you.” It is these sorts of stories and experiences that keep us going and where we really see God at work. More and more people are noticing and talking about the changes they see in Sheldon and while things are not perfect and there are some moments where his “ex-gang member” status is painfully obvious he is definitely a new creature. While Sheldon may not look as “good” as me on the outside, he has journeyed much further and tackled way more challenges than I have to get where he is. He is a tattooed and scarred picture of God’s grace.

Hood Pastor
A couple weeks ago I was privileged to perform the wedding of a friend and one of the Navigators for our slowly developing gang-exit program.  I met her around the time she became pregnant by a sort-of ex-gang member (long convoluted story). She had been a “gang princess” and had also lost a brother to a gang homicide, so we’ve been
around a few blocks together over about the last 8 years.   She was quite thankful that I did her wedding and said twice, somewhat to my surprise, that I was one of her best friends.  At the reception a number of people came up to ask me about other religious types of services I might be available for and a couple people came up to re-introduce themselves and remind me of some scenario I had been involved in with them.

At the rehearsal dinner I was hanging out with my friend and some of the humor became… ribald shall we say.  My friend looked slightly embarrassed and said, “Come on! The pastor’s right here?” 
Her maid of honor and the source of the humor looked at me for a moment and then shrugged, “Yeah, but he’s a hood pastor.”  I could only smile.

As I’m writing this, I’m sitting in a travel trailer in Missinipe in northern Saskatchewan.  I’m spending a few weeks working for my canoe outfitter friend again.  I’ve discovered it is a good way to create some space for thinking, and it sort of “re-sets” the world for me.  In Regina I’m the
“hood pastor” and it is my job to address addictions, gangs, and the socioeconomic macro justice issues behind that. I strive to see the reconciling work of the gospel being lived out every day. I love it, but it is hard. Being immersed in that endlessly, I’ve discovered, isn’t good for me as a frail human.  I remember once being asked to come and address a meeting and someone said, “Are you bringing us good news?” I shook my head and said, “It’s never a good sign if I show up at your meeting – it means you’ve got some pretty serious problems if someone thought you needed me.”  There’s a scene in the movie “Lilo and Stitch” when the social worker shows up at Lilo’s house and he says, “I’m the one they call when things have gone wrong.”  As I said, I love my job and my calling, but sometimes it is a little tiring being the one who is called when things have gone wrong.
So, it was refreshing to be up north and drive a shuttle for a couple who were happy and on vacation. As I drove them to the put-in we chatted about where they were going, I made some route suggestions, told them where to find some petroglyphs, and where we had caught some walleye. We also talked about my “real job,” and they thanked me for what I did. It was a little later that I realized how refreshing it was to not the be “the one who is called when things go wrong.” This couple didn’t need me because things were bad, but because they were good.  It also reminded me that the entire world is not an inner-city made up of addicts plagued by violence.

Tirzah has just completed grade 11 and, unbelievably, we are beginning to try and wrap our head around the fact that next year she will graduate, be out of high school and on to whatever is next for her. We are very uncertain what this will look like and appreciate prayer both for her and for us. She is attending a camp this summer for teens on the autism spectrum and we are very hopeful that this will be a good experience for her.

Keziah is excited to be able to come back to work at Churchill River Canoe Outfitters and is starting to look at building on the skills and certifications she would need to be a guide and instructor through her college years. We’ve got a few more
summers to build on that, and CRCO seems to like this idea as well.

It does seem slightly odd to have one child (the older one at that) who seems to have little idea or concern about where she is going, and another (the youngest) who is planning 10 years ahead, starting to save money for school and working towards her first “career.”

A Note from Gina Marie
This is a bit of a quieter summer for me with Spurgeon and the girls all off in different directions. I’m enjoying the quieter and calmer pace and am spending a lot of time out on our front steps enjoying the nice weather and chatting with our neighbours. It’s given me a chance to reflect on the fact that ministry is often just sitting and being in relationship with people. Early this summer, we had someone break into our porch and steal two of Spurgeon’s bikes (we have since
recovered one of them). Sharing this struggle with our neighbours gave us a connecting point and gave them a chance to help us out as they looked around the community for the bikes. We have spent time discussing so many parts of life, big things like relationship issues and little things like pets and yard work. I’ve also been amazed at how their kids all seem to gravitate towards us if we’re outside. I love talking with them and answering questions about what I’m doing and why. They seem to blossom when a caring adult pays attention to them and values what they say. It’s easy to discount this as ministry since it’s not preaching, teaching or some other more traditional ministry, but it’s these kids who have come to us as a safe place when their parents are fighting. It’s these kids who have talked to me about other kids in the community who have been bullying them. It’s all about building those relationships over the long haul. So I sit on my front steps, I putter around in my front flowerbed and I write newsletters in the shade of my tree and I share myself in relationship with the people God has put right around me.

Shop stuff
We are still trying to get the shop finished and seem to finally have some plumbers who are willing to tackle the job of getting the bathroom in. The process has been far more complicated and convoluted than we had hoped, but it does seem to be
moving forward. The final insurance stuff is all in, and I desperately hope to never have to deal with anything like this again.

We have been building things all winter and trying to do ministry stuff even though we don’t technically have an occupancy permit. There were some quiet rumblings in the background about a “cease and desist” order, but thankfully it hasn’t come to that. The fact that I’m out of town a bunch for the summer and there is little going on in the shop for a while is probably a good thing from that perspective.

We’ve had a number of volunteers working with us in the shop, and it is always a lot of fun to see some of our regular crew rubbing shoulders with our volunteers. It’s like seeing reconciliation and Kingdom building in action right in front of my eyes.

Please be praying over some of the economic development opportunities that we are trying to develop with the shop. While there are a lot of benefits both economically and educationally to having some sort of “business” happening in the shop we are a ministry first and foremost. This means that a lot of standard business practices don’t work for us and would actually be a hindrance to our goals and the relationships we have. On the other hand, we desire to see our guys gainfully employed, looking after their families, and getting out of poverty. Please pray for us as we struggle to find this balance.

Gang Exit
As with everything else there are some good things and some difficult things going on here.  We really appreciate prayer over the structural/organizational issues we are facing.  This stuff drives me up
the wall and seems vastly more complicated than it needs to be.  We have looked for an appropriate umbrella organization to put this under and have struck out several times. Everyone says they are supportive and want to see us succeed, but not in their space or with any of their resources.  So, while I love the work we are trying to do, the administrative headaches are a massive.

It's finally here!
This is the book that Nick Helliwell (one of our other pastors) and I wrote a chapter for. Our chapter is about Regina and church there. It's available as a paperback through Amazon. Because we only wrote a part of this book, we probably won't be ordering any in to autograph and sell in person, but if you buy it, we'd be happy to sign it for you.

One last thing, we have been able to purchase a new-to-us truck for Spurgeon and a new-to-us car for Gina Marie. We've been down to one vehicle for over a year and our old car was giving us more and more problems. We are quite happy with our new wheels! Praise the Lord!    


Arlene Schroeder (Regina)

Serving with Healing Hearts Ministries; Office Administration, mentorship, and women’s ministries.

God is good; all the time God is good.


Included in July 2018 newsletter you will find out what anniversary we just celebrated and a story about "Little is much when God is in it."

We are leaving for holidays July 23 - plan #4. We had to change up where we were going because of the fires in BC and I would not be able to handle smoke. So we will be spending most of next week in the Red Deer area. Then will have 2 weeks of camping close to home.

Trust you are all enjoying the summer.

God bless

July 2018

May 2018

March 2018

Joel Braun (Regina)

Serving with Healing Hearts Ministries; operates True Wheels, a bike repair shop, as a means to reach community youth. 

We are excited at the bike shop to be ramping up now that spring is finally here! This past week (1st week in May) we had 20 bikes dropped off for donations and this week promises to be just as busy! We are also having a fundraiser banquet for both the wood shop and bike shop this Friday May 11. Please let me know if you are interested in attending. There will be Indian Tacos for supper and a silent auction of items that have been made in our shops. Thank you for your thoughts, prayers, and financial support in this ministry!

Spring 2018 Newsletter

James & Dena Clifford (Regina)

Serving with Youth for Christ Canada and Youth for Christ International, with their Online Relational Evangelism project.

Psalm 63 :1"O God, you are my God: earnestly I seek you; my soul thirsts for you; my flesh faints for you, as in a dry and weary land where there is no water."

National Ministry and Training Conference
Dena and I had the opportunity to attend the YFC Canada National conference in Princeton BC at beautiful Rock Ridge Canyon. During the week the staff and families were challenged with the theme of One YFC- unified in Christ (John 17) reaching youth in Canada. Part of our training was on Shepherd leadership who give protection, provision and presence with those they lead. It was a great reminder of our role with the young people and youth leaders we serve.

Online Relational Evangelism reaching seeking youth for Christ
My role continues to change with the Online Relational Evangelism project. As of July 1, I will be on lone from YFC Canada to the YFC International team. The only thing that changes is who I report to. Dave Brereton our former YFC Canada National Director has moved on July 1 to YFCI Director- he has a real passion for this Online project and sees the potential as a resource for the International YFC Family.

Our Online Evangelism tool has gone live as of July 2. We are excited to have the project completed this far and will spend the summer testing and adding content.

Donors seen as Partners in Ministry
God continues to amazing us with people in our lives committed to seeing the mission of reaching lost teens with the gospel. Your prayer and financial support are vital to the mission Christ has called us too. The Lord has been challenging us to depend more on our partners by providing good communication and updates on what God is doing. Click To Partner

Praise and Prayer
Pray for seeking youth who are looking for faith, hope and love found only in Jesus and His people.
Praise God our first draft of is active.
Praying for 20 online coaches to engage youth in conversations about faith and life.
Katrina is joining our team and is currently raising her Ministry Partnership Developement. Pray her funds come in quickly.

On the Home Front
Dena was so ready for a break- her year at the school was more stressful with many changes. After the National conference the entire family was able to spend a few days with Zane in Vancouver before we headed home. Zane continues to work full time and taking a acting course between auditions. He seems to be enjoying life on the West Coast. Bronwyn is working full-time and is currently taking 2 UofR classes. She is passionate about using her degree to help those who can't help themselves. Gabe passed his Grade 8 piano exam and is currently looking for a summer job. Abby completed grade 10 and will be working at AIA Soccer Camp at our church in August.

Kirstie Kline (Regina) 

Serving with Youth For Christ, as a Discipleship Coordinator

The Regina Youth For Christ (RYFC) Community Team's work is to share the gospel with and disciple individuals who are primarily unchurched and have often been given up on. The youth we serve come from a variety of backgrounds and each is facing their own challenges. We desire to see each one of them come to saving faith in Christ and be equipped with the necessary tools to live whole and healthy lives. We desire to make disciples, who make disciples and change the world around them. Kirstie runs a Junior and Senior Youth group, girls support group, discipleship training course, oversees volunteers and mentors, mentors young girls, and helps with Lamb's Boxing Club. Please pray for God's leading and life-giving, spirit-filled contact with youth.

September 2018 Newsletter


Matt & Ruth (Winnipeg, MB)

Serving with MB Mission to coordinate projects in Central Asia, support our global workers around the world, and develop new missional leaders in Central Canada.

On September 11th, we welcomed two foster children into our home. In that moment, God expanded our hearts, our mission field, and our ministry in ways that we are still coming to understand.

L is almost 4 years old and his baby sister, I, is 3 months. These two little ones have turned our lives upside down in many ways already. Here are a few of our thoughts from the past 5 weeks!

We didn't realize how far this ministry would extend beyond the children themselves. We are amazed at the opportunities we have had to build relationship with their extended family so far. We interact with their parents several times a week, we see their grandparents regularly, and we have already met several of their aunts and uncles as well as their great grandmother. We pray that God would reveal Himself to this hurting family.

The day before we met the children, we were told that L is suspected to be on the autism spectrum. He has not had a diagnosis yet, but he is now on a waiting list to be assessed. When he came to us, he was non-verbal and avoided eye contact. He didn't play with toys, he just lined them up. Since then, we have noticed so much change in him. He now smiles and laughs all the time, and he will even look directly at us occasionally when we talk to him. He has also started to play in more typical ways and has begun to say a couple of new sounds and words. We are so encouraged to see how comfortable he is becoming here.

I is the sweetest baby. About two weeks after she came to us, she began smiling and cooing, and hasn't stopped since! She is very content and has already slept through the night a handful of times, which is such a blessing.

Our first week with the little ones was a real challenge. Ruth was unable to take the kids out by herself during the day, as L would bolt and run right into the street. Many of Abbie and Caleb's possessions were accidentally broken. Towel racks were pulled out of the wall along with piles of drywall chunks. We had to secure all of our furniture, as we would often find L 4 shelves up in the pantry or standing on the top of tall dressers. We weren't sure how to best care for L or how to figure out his needs and how much we could expect from him. We don't think he ever had many boundaries before and he found it very hard that he couldn't have junk food all day or that he had to go to bed before crashing at 2am as he was used to. We can't imagine how hard this must be for him, and despite everything he has been through, he is such a sweet and good natured boy. Thankfully, things have started to settle down and we are all slowly figuring this out one day at a time.

Despite some challenges, we can't think of a time that we have felt more cared for and supported than this past month. We have received many calls, texts, emails, cards, special gifts, and hand-me-downs, which have been so very appreciated. Thanks to some amazing friends, we didn't have to cook a single meal for the first three weeks. Our church community has been incredible, finding one-on-one supervision for L so that Ruth can take the kids to the Mom's group on Wednesday mornings and L can attend Sunday School on Sundays. Several dear friends have chosen to join us in loving and caring for these little ones by becoming respite providers for us. Above all, so many people have been praying for us, and we have truly felt it. Thank you.

We knew that this process would involve many emotions, but as we have been faced with real, broken people in real, broken situations, we have been undone in ways beyond what we imagined. Our first time meeting the parents, we were a bit nervous and not sure what to expect. But one look at their tough, tattooed dad with tears streaming down his face as he held his son close and it immediately became so real. We have been invited into this families lives in such a raw, painful time. We can't help but hold each moment with reverence... each interaction feels like a sacred opportunity to show the love of Jesus in ways that we haven't encountered before.

As for what the future looks like, we have been told that we will have the children for at least 6 months, and probably longer. The hope is that they will be able to be reunited with their parents at some point, but there is a lot of work to do before that could happen. Please pray for L and I, for their family, and for us as we continue to move forward.

Our Summer: PART 3 (Kid's Edition)

My highlight from this summer was making new friends in the BL4P program, as well as visiting old friends, including my best friend, Josh, in Austria.

One thing that impacted me this summer was that every person I met in the BL4P program had experienced more hurt and suffering in their lives than I could ever imagine. Hearing their stories and seeing the way that they were still able to laugh and desire peace and forgiveness really challenged and encouraged me. I feel like I have a new perspective now and an increased desire to bring peace and justice to the world around me.


  • Praise God for holding and carrying us during the last month of adjustment!
  • Praise Him for the strong community that He has brought around us here in Winnipeg!
  • Praise God for respite providers who have enabled us to have quality family time each week with Abbie and Caleb!
  • Please pray for wisdom and patience as we continue to figure out what works for L and what doesn't.
  • Please pray that the waiting process for L's assessment would be accelerated so that we would have a better understanding of how to help him.
  • Pray for Abbie and Caleb in the midst of all of this, that they wouldn't feel overlooked or second place as so much attention needs to go to the little ones.

 Phil & Carol Bergen (Burkina Faso)  

Serving with MB Missions among our adopted people group, the Nanerige; team leadership, church planting. 

May you be encouraged by Phil’s stories in this month’s Blip! 

August 5, 2018

Good morning all,

It’s a predawn Sunday morning in N’Dorola and since sometimes email works better on the off-hours, I’m gona try. Our internet connectivity in N’Dorola has taken a turn for the worse—thus far we are still able to receive email but cannot always get to Instant Messenger—most websites “timeout” before we can get to them. So email is still our communication method of choice.

 July / August 2018 Blip

 May / June 2018 Blip

March/April 2018 Blip

February 2018 Blip

December 2017 Blip

July 2017 Blip 

Pastor Madou Traore (Burkina Faso)

Serving alongside the Bergens among the Nanerige people; pastoring, discipling, and leadership development.


Richard & Hazel Funk (Austria)

Serving with MB Mission, Member Care facilitators to missionaries in Europe and Central Asia; mentoring, teaching, and discipling Austrian church leaders.

Dear Friends!

 In the past week these lyrics from a Chris Tomlin Song “Faithful” have meant a lot to us.

“You are there in every season of my soul

  You are there, You’re the anchor that will hold

  You are there, in the valley of the shadows

  You are faithful, God.”

Pray with us:

  • For Hazel’s sister and her family, as she heals from a fall and pneumonia.  She is currently in ICU in a hospital in Winnipeg.  
  • Oct. 14th  Richard, as he brings God’s Word at a 60th church anniversary of our MB church in Steyr.
  • Oct. 20th we will be sharing our testimonies with our youth here in the Linz church.  Pray that our sharing might help them to grow in their walk with Jesus.
  • Oct. 25th – Nov. 1st we will be in Portugal.  This is a week where all the missionaries from around Europe, Central Asia and Africa meet for a retreat and consultation.  Some of our staff from our home office in Abbotsford will be leading us through this week.

Praise God with us:

  • For giving us a wonderful week of holidays, in Italy.  We had lots of time to read, lay in the sun, play in the water and go for walks. It was so good for body, soul and spirit!
  • The way the gospel changes lives.  Again and again we just stand back and say thank you to our Father for His gift.
  • For growth in our churches.  Every church has its struggles but God builds His church.
  • For the resilience that we see in young families serving in cross cultural missions.

You are faithful, God!  Thank you for your prayers and support!

Hazel & Richard

Funk's Foreign Report - May 2018

 Adam & Angela Sapelak (Spain)

Serving with SEND International; discipleship, logistics, and support.


Time of Recovery

We arrived back to Canada in June. We got to enjoy rich times re-connecting with family, friends and many of our supporters in Ontario. Watching Ben adjust cultures was fun as he learned that most people won’t respond if he speaks to them in Spanish and that he cannot play in everybody’s front yard (in Spain we all have fences around our yards).

The last few weeks of July we spent at two SEND conferences in Canada and the US. One focused on the reintegration to culture and life in Canada while the other was with all North American SEND missionaries who are home currently from the field to cast vision, build community and grow together.

We arrived in Red Deer, Alberta at the beginning of August and plan to use this as our home base as we continue to re-connect with family, friends and supporters in the west. We were blessed to have a house provided for us and Adam got to use his finishing carpentry experience to help finish some renovations as we moved in.

Our baby is due October 21st! There have been some complications with the pregnancy and we were advised not to do additional travel before the arrival of our baby. So we have stayed close to Red Deer. We are praising God that baby and Angela are both healthy. We would appreciate prayer for peace during the birth and for Ben as welcoming a sibling will be a big adjustment for him.

We have officially completed our first five year term with SEND in Spain. We experienced a very difficult first term with a lot of unforeseen challenges that have left us quite worn out. SEND has currently assigned us to a time of recovery which gives us some time to process, heal and learn from our experiences.

Our Spanish residency continues to be a problem. Due to a drastic and unexpected slow down within the Spanish government dealing with foreign paperwork, we did not receive our long term residency before leaving Spain. It is looking like we will have to restart the entire process here in Canada which is lengthy and complicated.

Thank you for standing beside us through these years, for your prayers, for your words of encouragement and trust in what God is doing in us and in Spain.

To support us financially, contact SEND:


Call to set up automatic withdrawal (no service fee)
Phone: (519) 657-6775
Toll Free: (888) 918-5036

Donate online from Canada (3.5% service fee), select the fund "Sapelak, Adam & Angela - Spain - Support":

Rick & Cheryl Ashton 

Serving part-time with the Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada (PAOC) in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Follow them on Rick and Cheryl's Adventures.
Learn more about PAOC.

Community Blessing Fund

Purpose: to bless an organization or public institution (school, senior care facility, community centre, library, etc.) as a means of demonstrating a responsibility and care for our neighbours in our broader community.  The blessing should engender an on-going personal relationship with the organization or institution.

Local Ministries Fund

Purpose: to sponsor Christian organizations in Regina, or non-Christian organizations in Regina providing a service in harmony with PCC values.

Guidelines: Written proposals for either fund can be submitted to the pastoral staff.  Please contact the office for further details.