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Adult Discipleship Classes

Adult Discipleship Classes are held each Sunday morning, 9:30 - 10:30am @ PCC for all adults of all ages and walks of life.


Hand in Hand With Our Saviour - in the Fireside Room

The First Letter of John - Led by Pastor Randy

The Apostle John is perhaps the most respected and admired of Jesus' original 12 disciples.

John knew and loved Jesus both personally and deeply, and he had a genuine affection for the church.

John writes this epistle to counter the danger of a heresy that distorted the apostles' teaching about the person of Jesus Christ (2:18-27).

John wants his readers to know that Jesus Christ is God in the flesh (4:2-3), and that when we believe in the name of the Son of God we may know that we have eternal life (5:13).

John also calls us, as Christ's followers, to "test" ourselves - genuine disciples of Jesus walk in obedience to His commands (2:3), love one another fervently from the heart (3:18), and embrace the fellowship we have with the Father and with his Son, Jesus Christ (1:3-4).

Join us for a 12 week spiritual journey in a series entitled: "Hand In Hand With Our Saviour"