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Adult Discipleship Classes

Adult Discipleship Classes are held each Sunday morning, 9:30 - 10:30am @ PCC for all adults of all ages and walks of life.

Paul wrote his epistle (letter) to Titus after his release from Roman imprisonment to instruct and encourage Titus.  A trusted co-worker, Paul had given Titus the challenging task of setting in order the church on the island of Crete.

Paul wrote to give this young pastor advice and counsel on issues pertinent to the church today such as: (1) the qualifications of character necessary for church leadership; (2) the real dangers of false teaching; (3) the critical need for sound doctrine; and (4) the vital importance of living out our salvation in our daily Christian lives.

The major theme of Titus that we must underline is: we are saved in order to do good (3:8, 14)!

Titus - Led by Pastor Randy - Sunday, May 6

Search Committee Update:  Sunday, May 13

Matt & Ruth Braun:  Sunday, May 20

Titus - Led by Pastor Randy - Sunday, May 27

Serve Day - Sunday, June 3

Titus - Led by Pastor Randy - Sunday, June 10

Titus - Led by Pastor Randy - Sunday, June 17