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Adult Discipleship Classes

Adult Discipleship Classes are held each Sunday morning, 9:30 - 10:30am @ PCC for all adults of all ages and walks of life.


Mental Health in the Church

A 5 week class lead by Spurgeon Root, with Healing Heart Ministries, November 18 - December 16.

The class will start out with a brief survey of the Bible and passages that address mental health in fairly specific ways. From there we will explore a holistic approach to mental health that attempts to balance and understand the interplay of physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual factors in our lives.

"The Promised Land:  Coming Home!"

The Book of Joshua

Led by Pastor Randy in the Fireside Room 

Beginning on September 16, Pastor Randy will lead a 6 week study on the Book of Joshua entitled:  "The Promised Land:  Coming Home!"  This class will focus on the first 5 chapters of Joshua, and will explore first hand the last stage of Israel's journey from Egypt, that culminates in their crossing of the Jordan river, into the Promised Land of Canaan.

What great and practical lessons await us, for one day, we will enter the "heavenly homeland" that God has promised us in Christ (Hebrews 11:16, NLT)!

As both Israel then, and we today, make our way home, we will in Joshua 1 - 5, be encouraged by the mighty power and faithful provision of our God.  We will further be challenged by our need to exercise a living faith in God.  Finally, we will rejoice in the good things that God has in store for us when we reach our final destination.

Please join us in the early days of the fall for:  "The Promised Land:  Coming Home!"