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Week of Prayer

January 26 - February 1


We believe prayer is an essential part of the church body, and the life of individual believers. We also believe that when we pray, we create space and openness for God to bring His Kingdom in our hearts and relationships.  

Here are some core reasons for you to journey in this week of prayer:

  1. Disrupting your patterns to place a greater emphasis on prayer reminds you to seek God in all areas of life.
  2. Meeting with God through new and different mediums broadens your understanding of how God seeks, meets and loves us.
  3. Gathering with your brothers and sisters in Christ to pray and share allows you to hear, process and respond to God’s word with valuable perspective and accountability. 

Here is a list of prayer gatherings scheduled to lead us in this direction:


Sunday @ 7pm - Prayer Gathering

A traditional prayer gathering that will focus on praying for our city, our country, and our world.

Monday @ 7pm - Art & Prayer

A prayer time guided by both scripture and art. Art gives expression that can impact us and shape our prayers. Our prayers can also happen through art. We will do both, reflecting and potentially simple praying through art. No previous art experience is necessary or needed.

Tuesday@ 7pm - Praying through Psalms

A self-guided time of prayer. Work your way around stations, taking time for silent reflection while praying through different Psalms. Move from station to station at your own pace.

Wednesday@ 6:45pm - Family Prayer Night

Family-friendly stations will be set up for a come and go prayer time that engages people of all ages.

Thursday@ 7pm - Lectio Divina

A second opportunity to approach prayer through scripture reading and reflection.

Friday@ 7pm - Worship & Prayer

Pastor Ryan will lead us in a time of prayer. Prayer will also be experienced through our worship.

Saturday @ 7pm - Prayer Gathering

Our final prayer time will be a traditional prayer gathering to pray for the ministries and needs in our church.


We are aware that for many it can be difficult to attend all, or even any, of these gathering.

For the days that you are unable to join us in person we encourage you to check out our Week of Prayer Guidebook, which allows you to journey with us when you aren’t able to be with our community in person. 

While you certainly are encouraged to pray and respond to God however you would like, we have compiled daily exercises, that align with the way our community will respond corporately each evening.

So whether you are able to join us at 7:00 in the evenings, you choose to journey as closely as possible by working through the exercises outline in this guidebook, or you follow a different journey of prayer this week, we want to invite you to disrupt your usual rhythms of life to make space for God to lead.

View/download the Week of Prayer Guidebook