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Wendy’s May 2022 Missions Update

The LORD will keep you from all harm, he will watch over your life; the LORD will watch over your coming and going both now and forevermore.” Psalm 121: 7-8

June 8th is just around the corner…and that means my return to Japan is so close. I am very excited, yet also have a small sense of sadness about leaving my precious granddaughters when they are just starting to experience God’s goodness and love in new ways. Please continue to lift them up in prayer so that what they read in their Bibles will grow deep roots!

With less than 2 weeks to go, there are still a few things to wrap up here and to finish packing. It’s funny how we know our time is limited, but nevertheless, some of us tend to procrastinate. I have my suitcases packed, but they need to be repacked as I realize I don’t need as much as I think I do…I’m sure you’ve all been there at some point in your life as well. Please pray I will be diligent about this and get it all done before the end of the week so that my last dew days in Canada will be relaxing and I’m able to spend extra time with my sons and granddaughters.

I had a very special time at Greendale MB Church on May 15th when Pastor Alex, Pastor John, some of the missions council members and friends prayed over me. It is so encouraging to have these kinds of prayer send-offs for missionaries as it not only reminds us that we are loved and being prayed for by many people, but it also helps to confirm our calling to different places and ministries around the globe. Thank you so much GMB! And thank you to Parliament Community Church Regina, SK, once again for partnering with me in this next term in Japan. I have been so blessed and am overflowing with gratitude for God’s goodness in providing many new prayer warriors!

On Monday, May 30th, there will be an hour of prayer time for me at the Multiply office and then next Sunday, June 5th, I will have prayer send-off by my home church, Central Heights here in Abbotsford. With so many prayer going before me, I can only imagine what God is going to do through the ESL ministry over the next 3 years…all praise and glory to Him!

And some very exciting news is that I am at 101% of my support! Thank you so much to all of those who are financially partnering with this ministry and to everyone who prays…because without your prayers, none of this would have happened. It’s such a joy to return to Japan knowing that every small detail is being handled by the One who has called me to go again.

This next week I will be staying closer to home than usual so that I am careful not to catch a cold or flu. I’ll have a PCR text on June 6th, the stitches remove from my gums on June 7th (I had some dental surgery on May 24th) and then head to YVR early on June 8th. I have tried my best to connect with as many of you as I could over the past few months, and will try and talk with others on the phone before I leave. Once I arrive in Japan, my Canadian phone number will work for about a month but I will continue to use Gmail and Facebook (along with ‘snail mail’). It has been a bit of a journey in preparing to return to Nagoya but I am ready to go! Here are a few things to pray about please:

  • Pray for good health and a negative PCR test on June 6th
  • Pray on June 8th that there will be no delays or problems getting through security (from recent news casts it looks like several people have actually not made it on their flights because of the lengthy delays in security)
  • Pray that my car will sell this week and for all of the last minute details that need to be taken care of.
  • Pray for my arrival in Japan (on June 9th), that I’ll have a negative PCR test at Tokyo (Narita) Airport.

Some items of praise:

  • Praise for my granddaughters inviting Jesus into their hearts!!
  • Praise that all my financial support has come in…thank you all so much and praise for several new prayer warriors
  • Praise to Phil & Elley Toews in allowing me to stay so long in their basement suite (what was initially a month turned into almost 1 year). Thank you so much for your kindness & generosity!
  • Praise to Wayne & Helen Harms in offering to take me to YVR on June 8th
  • Praise and thank you to Yuki Tsubouchi in Japan for all her help in finding me a great apartment in Fujigaoka. Thank you, my sister, for your friendship and all the work you have done to help me with my upcoming return to Japan.
  • Praise to Ruth Leppky who faithfully proofreads me newsletters every month…thank you Ruth!

There are so many things to give praise for that if I keep listing them, this newsletter could go on and on…lol.

Thank you all once again for your faithful prayers, support, encouragement and your friendship. I will be looking forward to updating you all next time from Japan!

Blessings and love,

Wendy 😊