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SKMB On Missions Together – June 8, 2022

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Thrive Discipleship Program Update

Greetings to all of our supporters and those who hold us up in prayer. May was a very busy month for Thrive as we pray for guidance on how best to replace Darryl Blazer, the man who was our President for 5 years. As we had announced earlier Darryl has moved on and is working back in his chosen profession of Finance. Darryl provided many years of excellent service to Thrive and while we regret his going we acknowledge that God has the best plan for us all and while we do not always know it or understand it we do accept it. Darryl will enjoy great success in whatever area the Lord leads him to work in.

The Thrive Board has been considering how best to proceed in filling the roles of President and Resident Directors. We ask for your prayers and support as we contemplate the future and how the Thrive program may be best served by determining what the various roles and responsibilities for our staff should be. There is much work to do in June and July to be ready to offer another year of programming this fall. I would ask again for your prayerful support that we may make wise decisions.

In other news the Thrive Program will be operating entirely within our own facility this fall. As you all know we sold the main portion of the campus to the Town of Hepburn about one year ago. For the 2021/2022 school year we rented some space from the Town in the main buildings. At the end of April we relocated entirely to our owned facility and we are considering what renovations may be needed in order for us to provide spaces for administration, teaching, as well as a kitchen. We do need to provide three meals a day to our students and our most excellent kitchen staff need a kitchen in order to prepare their excellent cuisine. Again your prayers and support for the Board would be greatly appreciated as we consider what work we should do.

As thrive enters its seventh year we look back and see how the Lord has always provided, both in tools and the harvest. The Board has seen many challenges and trails, but we have also seen many successes. Successes in the lives of the young people who have been our students. It is our desire to see more such victories by helping young people embrace Christianity, learn what it is to be a disciple of Jesus Christ, go out into the world able to defend their faith, fight the good fight and run the race. I trust some of you share that vision and will continue to walk with us.


Clark Brotzell (On behalf of the Thrive Board)