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At Home Learning Resources

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Here are some extra resources you can use at home as families to support the lessons we are learning in our programs on Sunday morning at PCC:

Creation (preschool)

Bible Heroes

Caring for Creation

Eat your way through creation

Noah’s ark (grade K/1)

Pocket Guide to Noah’s Ark: Developed by Answers in Genesis


Interactive Passover

Passover video


Bible Study for kids in Grade 4/5


Teaching communion at home

Basic Theology

The Trinity

The Holy Spirit


Stories of Missionaries: Torchlighter Series on RightNow Media

Missional activities in the home

Teaching Missions at home Resource page

Summer Adventure:

Focus on the Family: World Explorers (FREE)

Additional At-home LearningPackages:

These packages are available to order can be emailed or delivered to your door. Those delivered to your door come with materials ready for use, so you don’t have to hunt for them. For a list of current resources available or to order some for your home, click here.