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Elevate – Campership Program

At Parliament Community Church we want to see our children and youth ELEVATE their faith. Two key areas we value are Bible Memorization and Summer Camp – so we’ve decided to combine the two.

Both our Rooted Kids Ministry and our Parliament Youth will be offering an opportunity for students to earn funds that can be put towards a Summer Bible Camp experience. If you complete all the requirements for your age group PCC will cover the full cost of Summer Camp for you. Check out the opportunities below:

Elevate Brochure

Rooted Kids
Each Bible verse memorized is one point  towards camp. Along with Bible memorization kids can earn up to 10 points towards camp by serving in ministry.  The Bible memory verses this year will focus on telling us Who God Is. If this is your first time attending summer camp please contact Pastor Kristen.


Grades 1-3: 40 points to fund camp.
Grades 4-5: 80 points total to fund camp.

Parliament Youth
For our Youth we are asking them to memorize approximately 100 Bible verses over the course of the school year. These verses will be in four sections that will be completed over the course of the school year. Once your verses are memorized you will then say the verses to someone from the church assigned to you. If you memorize all the Bible verses your Summer Camp will be fully funded!

Next Steps:

Step 1: Register for elevate using the form to the right, or by going to:
Elevate Registration

Step 2: After registration, an email will be sent to the contact email provided containing initial details regarding the program and your first set of verses to memorize.

Step 3: When you have completed the memorization before the deadline provided you will need to say your verses to the person identified for you in either the initial email you receive, or another email that will arrive shortly after.  

Step 4: When done saying your verses the next set will be sent to you and the process repeats.

Step 5: Decide what camp you would like to attend and let the appropriate pastor know. There is a list of camps already approved below.

Step 6: Go to camp, and once your time at camp is completed submit your camp receipt and the church will reimburse the camp expense.

Questions and Answers:

What if my child is not able to memorize well?  We would love to talk to you about this and see what arrangement we can do to make this meaningful and successful for everyone.

Can anyone get this deal? Anyone can join in on the bible memorization, but the camp sponsorship is only for those who are an active part of our church community.  If you’re not sure if you qualify please talk to one of the church staff.

What if I only do part of the year? We are willing to pro-rate the camperships in 25% increments so if someone completes a 1/4 of the required tasks they will receive 25%.

What if we cannot afford to pay for camp first before going? We have a relationship with several camps that allows those who complete the ELEVATE program  to not make any payment at all and we will pay the camp directly. 

What camps are approved camps? What if my camp is not on the list? We recognize there are many Bible camps around that people have connections with.  We’ve pre-approved some camps based on our experience.  We look at program focus, Statement of Faith, type of camp and other details in seeing if a camp qualifies.  If your camp is not pre-approved please contact us to see whether your camp would qualify.

The pre-approved camps that qualify include:

Qualifying Camps for the ELEVATE program:


Dallas Valley Ranch Camp

Westbank Bible Camp

Katepawa Lake  Bible Camp

Strasbourg Bible Camp


For more information please contact:

Kristen Cowman
Children and Family Ministries Director
Email: Phone: 306-586-0101
Kristen Cowman