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Additional Preschool Activities/lessons: Easter

Looking for different ways to celebrate Easter with your Preschooler? Check out these resources:

Worship songs:

The following songs can be found on Youtube or RightNow Media

123 by Yancy

Good Good Father by Yancy

God is Good by Yancy


Memory Verses Music:

If you child is too young to articulate sentences, and has trouble with words, choose verses that have been turned into music. Kids will learn the verses and be able to remember them later in life.

Check out: The Rizers, Doorpost Songs, Seeds of Worship and Jump Start3 for awesome verses done to music.



Empty Tomb Rolls

Easter Paper Cross Mosaic:

Jesus took our sins upon himself Object lesson:

Playdoh Crown of Thorns:

Printable Resurrection set:

Easter Jellybean Devotionals: