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Youth for Christ Spring 2023

Ministry Impact

We had an awesome end to the calendar year at YFC Regina. We had multiple churches donate Christmas gifts for the youth in our housing programs, as well as churches and business that donated food hampers for youth and their families. Items like that are so valuable and go a long way in impact youth.

In Oct/Nov/Dec, we did a gift card initiative where I asked people and businesses to donate gift cards towards gas, groceries, and youth outings. I exceeded my goal and was so encouraged by each that gave towards this very tangible way of impacting youth. We’ve already been able provide groceries for youth’s families, take youth on outings and fill vehicles with gas! Thank You!

Partner With Us

As Easter approaches we are looking for people to donate Easter related items like chocolate, treats, and food for Easter meals with the youth. Please reach out to me if you’d like to participate!