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Wendy’s Travel Updates – June 2022

June 7th

Hello from a nice, cool Abbotsford this evening. I wanted to give you all a quick update. My Covid test was negative (praise the Lord) and I got my stitches out this afternoon. My graft on my gumline is good and strong…again, praise the Lord! 

I wasn’t able to sell my car, so it is now in storage and this at least will assure me having a vehicle when I return to Canada (even for a visit…lol). As well, I checked in online this afternoon and was able to get an aisle seat for the flight to Tokyo, so that’s a huge blessing, especially as I need to get up almost every hour to walk.As I look at this amazing journey to return to Nagoya, Japan, I see God’s hand in everything…it’s so beautiful. Please pray that tomorrow the trip to YVR will be safe (thank you in advance to Wayne & Helen Harms for picking me up and taking me in!!). Please pray that at check-in and going through security, everything will go smoothly and I’ll be able to relax in the JAL waiting area for at least 2 hours before my flight…this will get me even more excited than I am right now…lol.

Thank you all once again for your faithful prayers, encouragement, support and for walking on this journey with me. I will write a quick note tomorrow after I get to the terminal to wait for boarding the flight. It leaves at 2:05 PM and should arrive in Narita (Tokyo aiport) at 4:30PM on Thursday, June 9th (that will be 12:30AM BC time!)

June 8th

Greetings from inside YVR (Vancouver airport) where I’m sitting with a cup of tea and relaxing before I board my flight to Tokyo, Japan. Thank you so much for your prayers!! God is sooooo good. Please pray tomorrow as I arrive in Narita and will need to either a) quarantine or b) continue my flight to Nagoya. Pray for God’s blessing and guidance as He continues to direct me. 

June 9th

Greetings from Narita airport where at 5:43 pm on June 9th it’s already dark. I’ll certainly miss the evenings in Abbotsford where it’s still light at 10pm!But praise the Lord I am able to fly direct to Nagoya tonight and already have my resident card. They issued it upon my arrival here in Tokyo airport. God is so good and I thank you for praying for everything to go smoothly…but I still have another flight (to Nagoya) and then to get to Fujigaoka and on to Komaki where I’ll quarantine for a week at my friend’s house.

Blessings to you all!