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Wendy’s July 2022 Travel Update

Greetings from a slightly cooler Ishigane-cho (Ishigane Town) where I am now living. The move last weekend (June 24-25) went very well and I thank you all your prayers. The weather turned out well (sunny, but quite hot) which was good as they had been forecasting rain. This is not my newsletter, but an update on the move and a few other notes.

The past week, we had a bit of a heat wave here (between 38-41.6 degrees) with humidity on top of that so I wasn’t feeling like unpacking too many boxes. I did a few each day, but nothing put a dent in everything that was piled up (3-4 boxes high!)

This past weekend we finally had a break with some cooler temperatures (25-28 C) and rain. It made a big difference and I was able to unpack more boxes. Slowly but surely, things are coming together and it is starting to look like a ‘home’. Praise the Lord and thank you all so much for your prayers once again.

I have had so much help from my friends, the Hattoris, Inoue-san (from Komaki Hope Chapel), Yuki, Nozomi, and a few ladies who cleaned the apartments (mine before moving stuff in and Setsuko’s after moving me boxes & appliances out). I’m so grateful for the many hands that made the work go much smoother and quicker.

I’ve met with a few former students already and it’s been very good to reconnect. I’m excited about what lies ahead in this next erm. Coming up on July 17th-18th, I’ll be attending a Children’s Sunday School camp with members of Fujigaoka Church and then on the 29th-30th, we have a kids summer program that I will help with as well. Although my actual teaching will not start until September 1st, I am able to do other ministry work, which is a blessing. I will also begin with the OneVoice Gospel Choir again, but in Nagakute instead of Okazaki (although I hope once I get a vehicle, I can attend those classes as well). I will also be meeting up with the ESC members on July 23rd and hopefully the TECC members one of these Wednesdays.

Please continue to pray for renewed friendships and relationships to go deeper with Jesus.

With many blessings to you all,