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Wendy’s August 2022 Update

Thank you all for your prayers for a vehicle for me. My dear friend, Tom (Takayuki Umeda) who is a former student as well, was very kind and generous in helping me to get a wonderful used car. It’s called a Mazda Demio and has just under 40,000 km on it. Such a blessing and a huge answer to prayer. Praise the Lord for this gift and it will make things much easier getting around, especially to teach in Komaki where I used to take a subway, a train and then someone had to pick me up at Kasugai station and then drive to Komaki Hope Chapel. Having this car eliminates that and I can now drive directly to the church for Sunday services twice a month and English classes every Tuesday. 

I pray those of you in the Abbotsford area have managed through the most recent heatwave. Here in Meito-ku, it was 36 yesterday and every day in the coming week will be 31-36 with humidity. I sure don’t remember summers in Toyota City being this hot (mostly because the church was close to a mountain and I think that added cooler weather for us. Walking 1.2 km to Fujiogaoka Station nowadays leaves me quite sweaty, but it’s sure good for losing weight…lol. I wanted to pass along my home mailing address as well, in case any of you still write ‘real’ letters…lol. If you print it on the envelope this way, it will get to me without any problems. However, Japan is only accepting letters and/or cards. They are not delivering packages of any kind from foreign countries due to Covid. 

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