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SKMB Praise and Prayer Bulletin – October 2022

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October 2nd
SKMB Executive Board
Please pray for the SKMB Executive Board as they actively superintend the mission of the Saskatchewan MB Conference: Supporting SKMB churches and camps in making disciples.  Ask the Holy Spirit to give Jeff, Gord, Gwen, Maureen and Dave much wisdom as they lead.
October 9th
Give thanks to our Heavenly Father for His many blessings.  Be mindful this Thanksgiving of how gracious the Lord has been to you, your family, friends and church.  Lift up your ministry leaders as they seek to shepherd you through the challenges still to be faced in 2022.  God is good, all the time!
October 16th
SKMB/ABMB Pastors & Spouses on Retreat
Pray for the pastors/leaders and their spouses on retreat Oct. 17-20.  May they experience times of renewal and refreshing as they worship and fellowship together.
October 23rd
SKMB Director of Ministry
Please continue to pray for Phil Gunther as he supports our churches and camps in their mission of making disciples.  This October Phil completed seven years as our DM.
October 31st
Gospel Workers
Please ask the Lord of the harvest for workers, women and men passionate about going into their Saskatchewan village, town or city with the Gospel of Christ Jesus (Luke 10:2).