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Selke’s Winter 2022 Missions Update

For the Love of the People

Sitting at my desk pondering about what our prayer letter should be I looked up to see Gilbert come walking in.

Gilbert is Dene, from northern Manitoba and has been a NCEM missionary for many years. His heart  is for his people and he is always wanting to do another outreach trip. He often would wait for the winter roads to open and plan a trip with one of our 4×4’s. He would load it up with supplies and whoever he could talk into going and head north.

Many new missionaries would come back from one of these trips with stories of sleeping nights in the truck or only hitting the ditch two or three times. The most impressive part was always how Gilbert would be up late visiting and up early leading prayer and devotions as they got ready for another day of visiting and outreach meetings. Gilbert started laughing as he began to tell a story from one of his outreach trips. His laughter is always contagious and stories captivating.

“I wanted to take these young fellows in, in the same way as the locals get there,” Gilbert explained to me. “We traveled for 6 hours in an open boat with me running the outboard. The wind was blowing and the water was rough. I wasn’t too worried till I saw the ice start to build up on the boat.” Laughing harder now, he attempted to mimic 2 young men huddled together with a look of terror in their eyes. (Gilbert, like all good missionaries never let the truth interfere with a good story.)

I has a sudden chill run through me as I thought of this 70 plus year old man getting soaked in sub-zero temperatures.

He started to laugh as he told of how his hand was almost frozen to the throttle.

“Why didn’t you fly in?” I asked.

“The people come in on the lake.” He explained. “I want to come in the same way as the people do. If they always see me flying, in this will put a distance between me and them. They are my people and I want to come in the same way as they do.

I realized that he really did love his people and wanted nothing to interfere with the message of hope he wanted to bring.

“God was so good to us on that trip” he said “We got to share with so many people and these young guys got to visit in these communities!” Sitting at my desk and hearing these stories helps me see what I do is so worth it.

Family Update

Daniel and Michaela – The big family news is that we welcomed Michaela Klassen into our family on January 1, 2022! The celebration took place in Weyburn, SK, where the newlyweds now make their home. Michaela is a seamstress for the online clothing company Cedar & Vine; Daniel is working for Vortex, continuing his career in plumbing, heating and air conditioning.

Mark and Amy – We loved having these two home for the holidays  – Mark was best man for his brother’s wedding ceremony, as well. He gave a wonderful speech on “Marriage & Football”! They continue to live and work in the Gladstone, MB community and serve in their church.

Caylea – Caylea participated in the big wedding event by reading Scripture and assisting Amy by turning the pages of the piano sheet music. We are blessed to live in the same city as our daughter but that doesn’t mean we see her all that often! She is busy with her youth, cleaning for a couple of families and keeping NCEM on the social media platforms. Her health continues to be good and we thank God for His healing.

Cindy – Cindy enjoyed helping prepare food with the bride’s Mom and family fir the rehearsal supper and the wedding reception. She als treasured the family time over the holidays and sharing in music of Christmas Eve and Boxing Day services.

Walter – As Dad of the groom, Walter’s role was twofold: to perform the ceremony and to smoke enough ribs for 70 people! He still finds time to enjoy his VW Beetle rebuild and put his progress on YouTube.

Thank you to each of you for standing behind our ministry through the recent transitions. We appreciate your prayers, gifts and friendship over the years.

For help making the transition please contact us. We no longer receive any support through Healing Hearts Ministry.

Praise and Prayer

  • Praise the Lord for our new daughter-in-law
  • Praise for God’s provision as we transition our support and ministry focus to NCEM
  • Pray for direction in the New Year in providing leadership for a growing mission
  • Pray for balance as we combine travel, administrative duties and “people” aspects of ministry