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Latest News

Selke’s Winter 2020 Missions Update

Click the link to download the Selke’s Winter 2020 Missions Update.

New Opportunities

The ever changing world of Covid in Canada has left us making up new ways of doing ministry. I just got off a Zoom call with many First Nations missions leaders from across Canada and shared how this new era has provided new opportunities.

A Chief of one of the First Nations called a missions leader and talked about how he was preparing to die because he wanted to help his people but there was no PPE (personal protective equipment) available for their isolated community. My friend jumped into action and soon I was in the loop as we together with Samaritans Purse distributed PPE across the north to many isolated communities. When asked if there was anything else we could do to help them with their needs, we were asked for Bibles. NCEW has thousands of Bibles in storage and soon we were able to mobilize and distribute Bibles with the PPE. I think at last count we had distributed over 2,000 Bibles to many in the north who were looking for hope in this time of need.

NCEM distributed over 60 kits with Bibles. Each kit had enough PPE for approximately 1,000 people. Jason, my assistant General Director, and I personally distributed over 20 Covid kits through north eastern Saskatchewan. Those who received the kits had a look of sincere thankfulness.

I Corinthians 3:6 tells about how one man plants and another waters but God gives the increase. With many communities closed down and many looking for hope, we know that hope can be found through searching out the Word of God.

In the first chapter of John it talks about how the Word became flesh and dwelt among us. In this instance, the word is Jesus. We are praying that during this Christmas season, as we celebrate the first coming of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, that many will find Jesus through the Word and that He will dwell with them.

Please pray with us that the impact of these changing and somewhat difficult times will be all for God’s glory!


Family Updates

Walter turned 60 and we celebrated with a memorable party in our backyard. Just a handful of family and friends could gather and we are thankful for the laughter, good food and reminder of God’s grace over the years. The new VW Beetle project keeps Walter out of trouble…mostly!

Cindy spent her birthday watching Daniel curl, having lunch with Caylea & Walter and spending a night at the Temple Garden Spa in Moose Jaw. She enjoys trying new Keto recipes and hopes to start a new writing project in 2021.

Caylea has been declared Cancer free! She has passed the 3-year window of greatest risk of the melanoma to return. Now she will have checkups through her family doctor and carry on with life and ministry. Youth group started off with 12 attending in fall; pray for Caylea and her team of helpers to make the most of their opportunities to disciple these teens.

Daniel began a new job with Sterling Plumbing & Heating in November. He’s happy to be working with his hands in the trade (sheet metal) he is trained for! Although curling competitions are very different this year, their team is doing well. If events continue, Team Howard should qualify for the provincial Tankard held in Estevan, SK in 2021.

Mark & Amy have been able to continue work and youth ministry, but with adjustments to Amy’s music school. She cancelled group classes but continues with individual lessons. Mark was able to work well into fall with the warm weather that was good for concrete. Mark also shot his first deer – a 5-point buck at 250+ yards!


Upcoming Events

January 2021 – virtual missions conference at Millar College of the Bible

May 2021 – NCEM Candidate Orientation & Training at Big River Bible Camp



Praise for God’s grace and protection during the pandemic

Walter’s health stabilized and has upcoming tests booked



For our family as we seek to celebrate Christmas more intimately this year.

Pray for wisdom as we begin a New Year of ministry.

Pray for the unity of our leadership teams in both HHM & NCEM

For the doors of opportunity to open soon as we would love to be able to visit missionaries, share the vision of the ministry and connect with you.