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Latest News

Selke’s Spring 2022 Missions Update

On The Road Again!

Zeballos. I thought we had reached the end of the world as we stood on a small dock in this little village on the west coast of Vancouver Island. I could taste the salt in the air, smell the ocean breezes, and hear the seagulls. I stepped into a small aluminum boat named the Uncle Paul that would take us to our destination. The watercraft dipped and swayed as myself, Walter, and the other passengers settled into the tiny cabin which seated 6 comfortably (there were 8 of us!). The engine roared and Captain Timothy – our NCEM missionary – guided the boat out of the village harbour and into the Esperanza Inlet. The water was smooth. I shivered in the damp coolness of the ocean air. Timothy and the other local folks pointed out various highlights along the inlet: the steep mountains covered with evergreens, the Ethattiset First Nation reserve, a small beach. “Look, sea lions! They are hanging around the fish farm over there!” Craning to see through the window of the boat, I glimpsed the dark heads bobbing near the fenced-in areas in the water. And then we hit a bump! “Nothing to worry about. Just a little rough patch as we pass the area where this channel feeds into the inlet.”

My eyes grew wide! But the two kids in the boat laughed and squealede at each bump. Water sprayed on the windshield and I gripped my carry-on back more tightly on my lap. In less than ten minutes the ride smoothed once again.

Some buildings came into view along the shore and Timothy slowed the engines and glided into the docking area. We were greeted by a couple of huge dogs and one of the staff members of Esperanza Ministries. As I stepped onto the wooden dock, I felt a sense of relief and wonder. I was back on solid ground and the surroundings were absolutely gorgeous! Gigantic cedar and spruce trees stood with gravel paths winding their way among them. The dining hall, several houses, small cabins, and a huge boathouse were situated on the rocky landscape. Tomorrow we would tour the facilities and get acquainted with where our NCEM missionaries would be serving in ministry.

But for now we were invited for supper! I hustled into the warm dining hall where the smell of turkey and the heat of a wood stove beckoned us in. Walter and I spent almost two weeks visiting missionaries and interviewing potential recruits in BC and Alberta. It was exciting to visit new places and meet new people! We are exploring new partnerships with places like Esperanza to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. God is opening new opportunities for His Kingdom and we are thrilled to be a part of it all as God reaches out to the First Nations people of Canada.

Family Update

Mark & Amy – With a long winter and late spring, Mark will just be returning to his seasonal concrete work. Amy has continued to give music lessons throughout the past months. They keep busy with youth group and helping out with Sunday services as needed. We hope they have dug out of the recent spring snowstorms and will see green grass very soon!

Daniel and Michaela – The newlyweds have settled into their lovely new home in Weyburn, SK and are both working full time. They are involved in their local church and look forward to some spring projects around their house and yard.

Caylea – Caylea has relocated to Big River, SK where she will be serving at the Bible Camp LIT leader for girls and in charge of all the cleaning duties. She and Theodore (her lop-eared bunny) are living in a camper on site but hope to find housing near by come fall.

Walter and Cindy – The saying goes “You are not truly empty-ness until the kids’ stuff is out of your basement!” So although all the kids have moved out of our house and out of Regina, we still have some remnants of their belongings. We ‘re excited how God has led our children and that they are healthy and doing well serving the Lord.

We are back on the road and so glad to be doing what we love to do!

THANK YOU for continuing to support our ministry through your friendship, finances, and prayer!

“Rejoice in the Lord, O you righteous, and give thanks to His holy name!” Psalm 97:12

Praise and Prayer

  • Praise God for 10 new NCEM recruits taking training
  • Praise for opportunities for travel and partnerships
  • Prayer for teaching/preaching opportunities in nothern communities
  • Prayer for wisdom from the Holy Spirit as we serve in leadership roles