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Schroeder’s April 2022 Missions Update

One evening, last month, I received a phone call from a gal who had gone to help out her family and they did not treat her kindly. The day came when she decided she could no longer stay in that unhealthy environment and she wanted to return to Regina but they would not give her a ride. I had always told her that of she ever needed a ride to call. She called in tears and asked if I would be able to pick her up. The next day, Wally and I went to pick her up. We decided to ask her if she would like to stay with us that first night and she accepted the invitation. She needed to be in a safe place and around healthy people. She was in the process of moving into a different place and it was not yet ready for her, so she stayed with us for three days. We had the privilege to listen to her heart and to pamper her and to love on her. She was so grateful that we picked her up because if we had not gone she said she would have gone back to alcohol to cover the pain – it was very accessible and had been offered to her. She remained strong and did a really hard think – she asked for help. I am so grateful that she made the decision to call for help, I felt honored that she trusted me enough to call. I praise the Lord for His goodness.

I continue to connect and mentor women who are struggling in life. Some have issues with addiction, some live in poverty, and some are trying really hard to take the road that God has placed them on. It has been an honour for me to see how God is working in their hearts, and it is a privilege to be part of their journey and see God’s plan to bring them to a better place in life.

I continue to journey with Kate as we do the Genesis Process with a number of gals. Addiction affects and alters the brain, and time is needed to allow the brain to heal. To that end, Kate and I have begun working on a more holistic approach with Genesis Process which will include physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual components.

Healing Hearts Ministries Inc. Exciting Update!

In my December letter, I shared a shift in the vision for the future of HHMI. It is an exciting vision and I am blessed to continue being a part of! As we work through the transition, I am reminded that God is in control, and for every hurdle we need to overcome, there is encouragement and affirmation on the other side. My heart hurts as I say goodbye to some areas of the ministry, but it is then filled with joy as I see the expanded ministry God has given me.

The changes that will move HHMI forward into an outreach ministry are exciting. My ministry will expand to include some leadership functions as I have accepted the position of Team Lead, Women’s Outreach. Not only will I be mentoring and discipling women who face difficulties in their lives, I will also be mentoring and discipling women who serve with me in this area of ministry. I am excited and nervous all at the same time.

We are adding a drop-in center, a connection hub, where people can come and have a cup of coffee, tea, or water, and eventually a sandwich or bowl of soup. This will provide opportunity for us to meet the community of North Central. It will be a safe environment for people to share their hearts – those we serve and those doing the serving. We will build relationships, live out what it means to love our neighbour, and plan to provide practical programs and services to help people realize the potential God has given them. Ultimately, we would love to see them come to know Jesus personally.

HHMI remains a faith-based Christian organization, dependent on the gifts of others to do the work we believe God has given us to do. All staff are required to raise support for the organization and to take part in fundraising activities. We are approaching the financial needs of the organization as a team, pooling all our resources to ensure the organization can provide programs and services to the most vulnerable in our community, specifically North Central, and for staff salaries.

I am thankful for your generous support over the last 10 years and trust I can continue to rely on your generous support going forward.

We covet your prayers as we continue to move forward in the new vision.

Thank you so much for your faithful prayer, encouragement and financial support.


  • We were able to be with some of our family over Easter. It is always great to get together!
  • For God’s goodness to us in providing for us spiritually and physically.
  • For you, my supporters and encouragers. I am blessed!


  • For HHMI board and Executive Director as they continue to move forward in God’s timing.
  • Wisdom and discernment for myself as I transition into the Team Lead, Women’s Outreach staff position.
  • Two gals I mentor are waiting for surgery dates for much needed surgeries.