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Schroeder April’s 2021 Missions Update

Click on the link for the downloadable version of the Schroeder Schroeder April 2021 Mission’s Update.


Dancing in the Rain

Virtual Ladies Retreat

There is always a first time for everything. On April 9-10, Healing Hearts Ministry had its first ever Virtual Ladies Retreat. It was a great time connecting with ladies from all over. We had lots of fun, food, and fellowship together even though we were all in separate locations.

Our speaker was Grace Fox who is a career global worker and author. Sessions were based on Ecclesiastes 3, “There is at time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. A time to mourn and a time to dance.” This was very applicable as we reflect on the past year.



Some things stood out to me. The need to acknowledge the pain and deal with it. Be careful not to get stuck in the pain and the ’whys’. Change your posture. Look up to your Heavenly Father, be aware of your heart’s condition, and ask God to cleanse those areas of your heart. There also needs to be a shift when we start asking ‘what’ questions like, “What do You want me to learn, Lord?” Place God first and worship Him, even in the midst of your pain, because worship changes us. Reaching out to others helps us in our pain — we don’t stay self absorbed. Remember that God is on our side. Jesus is our overcomer.

Above all, I want to maintain a sense of wonder and awe of who Jesus is so I can dance in the storm. Wonder moves us to worship. I lose my sense of wonder and awe of God when I get busy or when I think I have everything under control. I want to rediscover my awe of God by embracing a childlike faith. First, by totally trusting and resting in Him in all situations. Second, by knowing God and being intentional about spending time with Him. And third, by serving God and doing what He has called me to do as an act of worship.


Thank You Jesus for the Blood

At the HHMI Ladies Retreat, I was asked to lead the communion. As I was preparing for communion time, I was led to a song that has spoken deeply to me and I want to share it with you.

Thank You Jesus for the Blood by Charity Gayle

I was a wretch, I remember who I was. I was lost, I was blind, I was running out of time. Sin separated. The breach was far too wide but from the far side of the chasm You held me in your sight. So You made a way across the great divide. Left behind heaven’s throne to build it here inside. And there at the cross You paid the debt I owed, broke my chains, freed my soul, for the first I had hope.

Thank you Jesus for the blood applied, thank you Jesus it have washed me white, thank you Jesus You have saved my life. Brought me from the darkness into glorious light. You took my place, laid inside my tomb of sin. You were buried for three days, and then You walked right out again. And now death has no sting and life has no end for I have been transformed by the blood of the lamb.

There is nothing stronger than the wonder working power of the blood – the blood, that calls us sons and daughters. We are ransomed by our Father through the blood, the blood.

Glory to His name. Glory to His name. There to my heart was the blood applied. Glory to His name.


Update on HHMI

As of December 31, 2020, Walter Selke resigned as the Executive Director. As of January 1, 2021, Dale Bergren accepted the Transitional Director position. Dale has put together a Steering Committee as an advisory committee. I was asked to be on this committee. The purpose is to help Dale in identifying and evaluating significant areas that are in need of attention and improvement, gathering feedback from HHMI members as we seek the direction of our organization, and to encourage healthy communication within HHMI.

I ask you to pray for HHMI, the Board, and the Steering Committee during this time of transition that we would follow the Lord’s leading and guiding in this process. This is His ministry and we want to follow His lead.



  • For a God who shows His faithfulness every day.
  • Seeing God’s healing in the lives of those I am journeying with.
  • That we have been healthy and can continue working and ministering.
  • For you, my supporters and encouragers. I am blessed!



  • I (Arlene) have some health issues that are flaring. Pray that I could get in to see the respective doctor to get the test done that could tell us what the problem is.
  • That we would continue to be very aware of our thoughts and to take toxic thoughts captive.
  • Wisdom & discernment for the HHMI Steering Committee and HHMI Board. For HHMI, as whole, during the transition time.