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Questions for Lent Groups

This lent, our Missions Mobilization Team has asked us to take time and discern God is asking of us as we look outwards to the world around us.  How is God wanting to use us for his ministry?  They are challenging us to gather in groups and discern together. Below are a series of questions for groups as they begin the discerning process.

Who is God asking you to join with, what group or community, during this prayerful discernment process?

Within community, here are some suggested questions to pray about, listening and discerning how the Holy Spirit is guiding us.

1.     What group of people is God inviting us to pray for?

2.     How can we join in what the Holy Spirit is doing, both through prayer and in practical ways?

3.     How is the Holy Spirit at work in our friends, co-workers, fellow students and neighbours?  In our city?

4.     Who am I NOT aware of, what needs I am NOT aware of, that God needs me to see?

5.     How can we help / serve practically the people in our sphere?

6.     What is God calling our families to?

7.     What gift, skills and resources do we have that God is wanting to use?

8.     What organizations in Regina share the values of our group?

9.     In what ways does God want us looking outward, beyond ourselves?

10.  As God reveals who he wants us to pray for, what in our lives needs to stay the same and what needs to change?