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Neudorf’s November 2021 Missions Update

Hello Friends and Family!

We hope you are doing well as the weather gets cooler. It is hard to believe that winter is almost here. The past few months have flown by. After a lot of back and forth between Idaho and Saskatoon, Johnny returned to Saskatoon in October after completing his flight training. It was wonderful to be back together again. We are so eager to meet Baby Neudorf and are praying for the safe arrival of our December baby!

Flight Standardization Training in the Outback of Idaho

Jonathan spent a few weeks learning the necessary skills required to sly in the mountainous and remotes areas od Papua. He was able to practice take-offs and landings, and how to assess adequate runways. He describes this type of backcountry flying like “off-roading for airplanes”. It was stressful and challenging, but thankfully he passed his training and will be able to continue to hone these skills when we eventually arrive in Papua after language school. We are so grateful that Johnny was able to complete this training, which means that we are one step closer to serving the people of Papua. It is truly a blessing to have had the time at the MAF US campus to gain the necessary skills and tools to continue on this MAF journey.

MAF Supports Spreading the Gospel and the Local Church in Papua

MAF provides crucial support to missionaries who live with the local tribes in very isolated areas of Papua. As these missionaries help to translate the gospel and build the local church, they rely on the MAF airplane for basic supplies like food and medicine.

In one of the pictures in our newsletter, a MAF plane is delivering much-needed supplies to a missionary family living among the Fayu people in the jungle. Please pray for the church to be established as the gospel takes root, and that Bible translation will progress unhindered in this area.

In Kegata village, MAF flew in all the supplies needed to build a new sanctuary for the congregation to gather. It took several flights to deliver the necessary plywood, roofing, tile, cement and nails. Without the airplane, getting supplies to a location like this would be nearly impossible. The head pastor had been away visiting other villages on an evangelism trip, and when he was flown home, he was excited to see the progress!

Parliament Community Church Missions Conference

In October, we had the opportunity to share ars a missions conference at Parliament Community Church in Regina, Saskatchewan. We are so grateful to have such an encouraging congregation partnering with us in ministry.

One Friday evening of the conference, we were able to meet with the youth and, along with a few other missionaries from Northern Canada Evangelical Mission and Youth for Christ, share our story. We carved pumpkins (unfortunately we did not win any prizes!) with the youth and then enjoyed our time sharing our passion for ministry and how we are involved with MAF.

We attended the conference on Saturday and the church service on Sunday morning, The weekend was a great opportunity to connect with members of the church and get to know the congregation. We feel so blessed by God’s provision for our ministry!

Praise and Prayer

  • Praise for the generosity of our supporters and God’s provision during this waiting period
  • Praise for continued health of Baby Neudorf and a safe delivery in December.
  • Praise for completion of Jonathan’s flight standardization and a safe return to Saskatoon.
  • Prayer for a smooth adjustment to new parenthood and the timely arrival of baby’s necessary documents for travel.
  • Prayer for the Indonesian borders to remain open

A sincere thank you to all of you for your continued encouragement and support in this ministry with MAF. Your prayers and love mean so much to us We feel so blessed to have such wonderful people alongside on this journey to serve Christ!