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Neudorf’s June 2021 Missions Update

Click the link to download the Neudorf’s June 2021 Missions Update.

A Warm Hello to You All

Summer has arrived, and we are thrilled about the warmer weather and sunshine! We hope you have been keeping well. The past couple of months have been an absolute whirlwind as we have shared at churches in Saskatchewan and Alberta almost every weekend. We have been busy with building our support team, decluttering our townhouse, and taking an online cross-cultural missions preparation course, Amidst all this, Jonny has been working hard at studying and preparing for his pilot license conversion exam that he will take when we arrive at MAF US in Nampa, Idaho. Although we’ve had our hands full, we have made sure to take the time to enjoy God’s beautiful creation with plenty of walks and time outside enjoying the good weather.


An Updated Timeline

The Covid-19 pandemic has upended many plans over the last year, and it has affected our departure to Indonesia as well. We will still be heading to Nampa, Idaho, for a few months of training at MAF US headquarters on July 8th. But, due to the pandemic, Indonesia will not be issuing new visas into the country before the end of 2021. Due to the delay in obtaining visas, the language school in Salatiga Java, is now facing triple the number of students they are able to accomodate. MAF has done a lot of rescheduling to ensure that everyone can get the necessary language training. Because of these delays, our new estimated departure date to Indonesia to start language school is in spring 2022. We trust that ultimately this is a part of God’s overall plan for us in ministry.


The Lasting Impact of Flying for Life

A few weeks ago, we spoke about our ministry with the congregation at a local church in regina, Saskatchewan (melissa’s hometown). After the service we set up our table and really enjoyed connecting with the people who stopped by to talk to us about our ministry. One couple we met told us their own story about how MAF had left a lasting impact on their lives.

They are originally from Tanzania, and although they have lived in Canada for decades, a single MAF flight is still a pivotal memory for them. They shared with us how the husband had desperately been trying to find help for his wife, who was suffering from severe eczema all over her body. Where they were living, they had no access to healthcare. As they searched for travel solutions to get her the necessary treatment, they were provided with the opportunity to take a flight with MAF. They explained how incredibly grateful they were for the MAF flight and how travelling with MAF saved them so much time and money. They said they have never forgotten the absolute gift this experience was. They were thrilled to see us representing MAF and that MAF was continuing to serve isolated people.

Stories like these encourage and inspire us to keep pursuing the ministry that God has placed on our hearts. It was amazing to hear how a couple, now living in Regina, SK, had been son impacted by a MAF flight that they took decades ago in Tanzania! God uses this ministry in so many different ways, and the positive impact of using aviation as a tool to help other is boundless.

There are the stories that make it into the headline of magazine and article on the internet, but then there are stories of MAF making an incredible impact on everyday people. We hope as we head to our location of service in PaPua, Indonesia, that we can share with you not only the big headline stories, but also the everyday experiences and interactions that are woven throughout our daily lives in which God is silently but still magnificently working behind the scenes!


Ministry Partnership Update

We are so thrilled to share with you that, with your help, we are close to reaching our monthly support goal. We have been absolutely overwhelmed with the continued generosity of those who have committed to partner with us in ministry! We know this is truly a team effort!

Building our ministry partnership team has been an absolute joy as we have been able to share our hearts for this ministry and form incredible new friendships and deepen existing relationships.

We truly treasure the time spent connecting with people and partnering with local churches.

Please let us know if you or anyone you know, would be interested in hearing our story and partnering with us in this work!


Praise and Prayer

  • Praise God’s generous provision and faithfulness.
  • Praise for our committed prayer and financial supporters that have been such an encouragement.
  • Prayers as we complete an online cultural mission preparation course.
  • Prayer for Jonny as he continues to study for his pilot’s license conversion exam.
  • Prayer as we travel to Idaho for a few months of training at MAF US headquarters.


We are endlessly grateful for your encouragement, support and continuing to follow along on our journey.

Thank you for your generous support, friendship, and prayers!


In His Mercy,

Jonny and Mel