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Neudorf February 2022 Missions Update

Hello from two very sleep-deprived new parents! We hope you had a refreshing Christmas season and were able to spend time with your loved ones. It had been such a joy meeting our precious baby girl, Willa Grey Xi En Neudorf. We are constantly reminded of what a sweet gift she is from God, and are in awe that we get the privilege of being her parents. The past few months have been filled with diaper changes and sleepless nights, but filled with more joy and smiles than we thought possible. We are eagerly anticipating serving in Indonesia as a brand new family of three!

To the Ends of the Earth – MAF in action in Papua

A few months ago, we were able to watch the long-anticipated MAF Documentary The Ends of the Earth. It was truly a privilege to be able to see MAF in action, and the impact this ministry has on the lives and communities of the people in Papua.

Just like MAF was birthed by the dream of a few post-war pilots longing to use the aircraft to spread the Gospel, the starting point of this film was also born of a dream. Chris Burgess wanted to tell MAF’s story to a wider audience; to share with them how lives have forever been changed by the love of Christ through the ministry of MAF.

But the path to the fulfillment of this dream took years. Only by preserving through many obstacles and even tragedy, did it finally come to fruition. As much as this documentary is a reminder of the work of MAF, it is also a reminder of the work of God in our own lives. Ultimately, God is the director of our plans and dreams, and He works in us and through us to glorify His name.

A global pandemic turned the world upside down, and the tragic passing of one of MAF’s pilots, Joyce Lin, seemed like it would derail the project, but the team persevered, and ultimately they were able to complete the project.

The Ends of the Earth highlights the need for MAF pilots and airstrips in the remote areas of Papua. Joyce Lin’s passing was documented in the film thanks to her family graciously giving permission for her story to be told. Their desire is for her life to inspire and encourage those who feel called to passionately pursue God’s call on their lives, no matter the cost, so that the Gospel can continue to impact lives for Christ.

While missionaries have brought the Gospel and done Bible translation to some people egroups such as the Wano people of Mokndoma and the Dem people people from Bina, there are still those that remain without access. The work of MAF is crucial in order to reach those living in such isolated places, separated by barriers such as tough terrain and language differences. There are more people who live in fear of spirits due to their animistic beliefs who are in need of the freedom brought by the gospel of Christ.

As we count down the weeks to our arrival in Indonesia, we are excited to be a part of the team in bringing help, hope, and healing through aviation.

Preparing for the Big Move

We have been busy applying for all Willa’s documents and identification, and have recently submitted all the necessary requirements to apply for our Indonesian visas. Getting Willa’s passport photo done when she was three weeks old went much smoother than expected!

As we await our visas, we have been preparing for life in Salatiga, where we will attend language school when we arrive in Indonesia.

We have been figuring out what to pack, ensuring we are up to date on our routine and travel vaccines, and trying to spend as much time as we can with our family and friends. It is exciting to think that we are so close to moving, and bittersweet at the same time as we are leaving such great community and support back at home.

We are so grateful for everyone that has prayed for and encouraged us along on the wild ride that has brought us to this point. We are eager to enter into the next steps in preparation for service in Indonesia! Please continue to pray for us and this process as we navigate it all while caring for our newborn baby.

Praise and Prayer:

  • Praise for the healthy and safe arrival of Willa, and continued recovery for Melissa.
  • Praise for receiving Willa’s passport in such a timely manner
  • Praise for our family, friends, and supporters that have been such an encouragement in this new season of our lives.
  • Prayer for the visa process to go smoothly in time for us to attend language school starting in April
  • Prayer for our upcoming travels and that the Indonesian borders remain open

It warms our hearts to know that you continue to support and pray for us. We are thrilled to have you all partnering with us in this Kingdom work God has called us to. Thank you for walking with us as we continue on this path set before us!