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Inspiring updates from Multiply’s Global Lead Team

Acts 8:26–40 tells the story of Philip encountering an Ethiopian eunuch who was seeking to understand the Scriptures. As Philip took the time to explain to what was being read, the man ordered his chariot to be stopped, was baptized, and then “went on his way, rejoicing”. I recently returned from a trip to Thailand where I saw this fusion of understanding and joy in action.

Lisa and I had the joy of joining a group of Myanmar church leaders as Doug Heidebrecht led them through their first module of Missional Leadership Training (MLT). This 18-module biblical training resource was developed in partnership with Multiply and our MB Seminary to offer global church leaders an opportunity to develop shared core convictions within our MB family.  

Realistically, most global leaders cannot attend Bible school or seminary, as they balance the needs of their congregation with the economic needs of maintaining their families. MLT allows for them to receive training in their own national context, equipping them to then train others.

Here is what some of our key national partners are saying:

“This training gives real grounding in the Scriptures, while developing a missional mindset. It’s so encouraging to see pastors having ‘aha’ moments as they study!” – Sam Arcaño, the Philippines

“We had 60 people who were trained in Module 1. They then trained 200 other leaders, who have now trained 1200 people!” – Safari Mutabeshi, Malawi

“The most amazing part is that we receive the manual after learning. We have never had this before! To have the teaching in our hands is so good.”

Their joy is contagious. As we seek to conform our minds to the Word of God, and conform our lives to the Ways of Jesus, understanding inevitably leads to joy. May we multiply this understanding and joy wherever God sends us.

For the ongoing development, translation and delivery of Missional Leadership Training in Malawi, Philippines, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Thailand, India, Myanmar, Austria, Portugal, Turkey, Kyrgyzstan, and the DRC.
For a multiplication of trained national church leaders who will in turn train others, especially in isolated geographical regions where challenging climate and terrain, political instability, economic hardship and religious persecution prevail.

Bruce Enns
General Director