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Matt’s September 2021 Missions Update

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Building Connections for His Glory

Recently, I experienced a very cool, God-orchestrated opportunity that caused several of my worlds to collide.

During my years at the U of S while obtaining my Bachelor od Engineering, I had a friend and fellow student named Evan. He was a passionate engineer with a deep heart for good and for God. A couple years ago, we realized that we had both relocated to Winnipeg and were able to reconnect.

Meanwhile, during my last 6 years working at the Central Canada Multiply office, I have been able to get to know Janell, a fellow coworker who has a passion for Winnipeg’s core and a desire to be a light to the margins. I resonate with this, as I also have a heart for ministry to the marginalized in Winnipeg.

THe other day, Janell reached out to me for help. She needed some engineering work done on a rooming house where she will be living and servinf and inviting a vibrant and diverse community to join her in her ministry. I contacted Evan to see if he knew of anyone and he quickly responded that he would love to ehlp out.

After spending a morning walking through what will become the rooming house together, the three of us talked and reflected on all the similar connections that we had that brught us together. I am amazed by the way that God continuously is arragnign a tapestry of connections for His glory.

As we talked together afterward, we found out that Evan had lived only a few blocks away just a few years earlier in a similar rooming house and was connected to a church and community that was connected with Janell’s community. Wuickly the “Mennonite Game” broke out of all the people that we each knew and were connected with. I felt like a new community bond was formed in this moment.

All of a sudden, I could see how God’s hand had been at work over the years and through many random connection to use just one more moment to bring a piece of His Kingdom together here on earth.

About the Family

Our summer has included some camping, family get-togethers, and a new addition. As some of you may know, we have welcomed a 3-month-old foster son named Lincoln into our family. He joined us at just a few weeks old. He is growinf like crazy and is full of wide mouth toothless grins. We don’t know how ling he will be with us but we are all enjoying having him around and have been adjusting to life as a family of 7.

Everyone is excited to start school soon, including Ivory who will be going to preschool a couple afternoons a week. Abbie moves into grade 11, Caleb into grade 9, Lyric into grade 2 and Ivory into preschool.

Before the Throne

Pray that God continues to direct connnections this next year as we look toward what SOAR, TREK, and ACTION will look like.

Pray for us as we adjust to being a family of 7.

Pray for the kids as they start school and the connection that they make.