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Matt’s October 2022 Missions Update

Focus Internship

Over the last three weeks we have been hosting 24 people who are preparing to go on mission for 7 months. Every day we are spending time in worship and prayer and then spending time with Multiply leaders who are teaching on different topics.

It has been amazing to daily spend time in a room full of people who are sold out for Jesus. They are all ready to count costs to follow God to hard places and share the gospel.

The Focus Interns are going to serve for their 7 month period all over the globe as they partner with Multiply missions. They will be going to the Middle East, Uganda, Thailand, South America, Canada and Europe.

I remember back to when Ruth and I with our two little kids were discerning what missions would look like for our family and we did a training similar to this in Abbotsford BC. I remember all the feelings of excitement and anticipation along with all the uncertainty and inadequacy. Never could I have predicted all the twists and turns we have had along this mission journey but I want to hold onto some of those initial feelings as it is such a sweet place to be with Jesus. This place of just being ready and waiting on Him.

We have been capturing all the teaching and having people join online daily with us for the teaching. This last week Nasser taught an overview of the bible through a middle eastern context. It was beautiful to see the bible come alive showing this unified story of God’s love and redemption. You can join any of the teaching over the next month as we continue to hear from Multiply staff. To watch any of the previous session or live sessions just go to this link:

Family Update

We had a great summer as a family finding time for camping and spending time together. We have slowly been finding routine as the kids have settled back into school. There has been some problems with Lincon’s adoption going through and we pray for his long term stability but for now remains a rambunctious part of our beautiful chaos. We recently celebrated 4 years of having Lyric and Ivory join our family.

Before the Throne

  • Pray for the Focus Interns as they learn and prepare for their mission assignment. Pray for discernment as many of them are exploring long term missions.
  • Pray for our family as we navigate being a family that ranges from age 1 to 17 and beyond. How do we fully engage all our kids and help disciple them into men and women of God.
  • Pray for my upcoming trip to Turkey in November (talk about this in the next update)