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Matt’s October 2022 Missions Update

Back to My Call

Recently I returned to Parliament Community Church (PCC) in Regina, the church where I grew up and one that has been a huge support in sending us on missions. They had their missions conference recently and invited me to come and share a message with their community on the call to missions. 

This call to return to PCC to share about my call seems like coming full circle as my initial call to go on missions was at a PCC missions conference. I remember sitting as a 16 year old in the audience hearing the stories of what God was doing on missions and thinking “this is what I am going to do with my life”. Now I had the opportunity to be the person sharing from the stage and sharing what God has done in our lives and the stories of God at work. I pray that someone was sitting in the audience and felt God call them into a life of missions.

PCC had asked me to speak about how Samuel heard the voice of God in 1 Sam. 3. As I was reflecting on this story I was struck by each of the characters. First Hannah had to give her only child up in dedication to the Lord because of her dedication to God. In the same way when we went on missions we had family, especially parents that had to be willing to dedicate us and send us on missions. Thanks Mom and Dad, we appreciate your sacrifice and dedication. In the same way how do we become the Hannah’s to help dedicate our loved ones to the service of the Lord?

Second is the character of Eli who knew the Lord and served him in the temple. Eli is a mentor for Samuel and specifically in this story helps Samuel to identify and know the voice of the Lord. How do we mentor others around us in their call that they might understand the call of the Lord on their lives.

Third is Samuel, he is a humble 12 year old kid in this story and ready to learn and follow the Lord. It is not that Samuel has much to offer but that he is available. How are we humble and available for God to use us.

Join me in listening to God where he is calling you to engage each of these roles and support those around you. Pray that God would be raising up new people to join him in global missions.

Grandpa – An Eli in My Life

My Grandpa Braun recently passed away and went home to be with the Lord. Grandpa was a man that knew God and heard his voice. Grandpa and Grandma were so passionate about missions and the church. I always remember them both being in places of both leadership and mentorship. The funeral was a beautiful celebration and I loved being able to hear the stories that I never knew from all the lives that Grandpa touched. 

One thing that stuck out to me was Grandpas involvement in a revival movement that started in Saskatoon back in 1971. In talking with my dad he shared stories of going to church every night for weeks and seeing a transformation in Grandpa as he truly met the Lord. 

I have had multiple people come up to me over the last few weeks since Grandpa’s passing and share with me how they were on a board with Grandpa or in a place of ministry and Grandpa mentored them through their ministry and service. Grandpa was one that heard God’s voice and helped to support people to also hear his voice.

Grandpa was always such a mentor to all his grandchildren. I remember a constant anthem from Grandpa of daily prayer for all of us and the importance of reading scripture. Thank you Grandpa for helping me know God’s voice.

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Please pray about joining our team by financially supporting what we do with Multiply. Grandpa was also our biggest financial supporter. Pray about picking up some of this legacy and joining our support team.

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Before the Throne

  • Pray for people to hear God’s voice and discern in community.
  • Pray for more partners to join us financially
  • Pray for my upcoming trip to Turkey in November. Pray for Ruth and the kids while I am away for almost 2 weeks. (more information next time)