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Matt’s November 2022 Missions Update

Visiting Brothers

It has been too long since I have been back in Turkey and I am excited to be back spending time with my spiritual brothers and sisters. I will be accompanying a vision trip from West Portal church and joining with Dave Berg to explore what has been happening over the last couple years in Turkey and spread time in prayer and discernment as West Portal continues to explore deeper partnership with the Turkish church.

I am heading out this Friday and spending time in Istanbul and Kayseri connecting with the local church plants and some new locations that are currently being discerned for future growth. It has been exciting to hear the stories from afar on what God has been doing in the country and the many new believers and baptisms but it will be so good to be together, pray together, and hear where God is at work. 

I feel like so much of my spiritual growth happened while we lived in Turkey as we were challenged and tested and inspired by the growth of God’s kingdom. To be able to go back and spend time with some great spiritual mentors and brothers is such a blessing. 

I look forward to updating you all about the trip.

Join My Trip Prayer Group

If you want to get regular updates during my trip to Turkey please reply to this email with your WhatsApp number. I plan to send out short updates daily on ways you can pray and what God is doing as we encounter Turkey. Also, I want to share the beauty and adventures of the trip with you as I encounter them. If you don’t have WhatsApp but still want to get these updates please let me know.

Focus Zoom Commissioning Service

The Focus training is almost complete and we are looking forward to sending these interns out to the nations. If you would like to hear briefly their stories and what they will be doing come join us online Nov. 4th 7pm CST. There will be time for you to hear from the Focus Interns and then we want to spend time praying for them. Come join us in partnering them to send them off to the nations.

Before the Throne

  • Pray for Ruth and the kids while I am away. They will hopefully get over their current sickness before I am gone.
  • Pray for the Focus Interns as they get ready to head out this next week.
  • Pray for the West Portal Group and myself to have our eyes open to see God at work in Turkey.