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Matt’s May 2022 Missions Update

Coming Together

we were able to host as a team a couple modules and mobilization team summit over the last couple weeks. Here are some highlights.

Our Global Context Module

We had Nasser al’Qahtani (, our regional team leader of Multiply ministry in North Africa and the Middle East come and join us and do a module with the church on how to with cross-cultural neighbours. It was some amazing teaching as he broke down scripture from his middle eastern cultural background and helped define who God is and who we find ourselves to be in relation to God. Here are a couple links to the teaching on both Friday and Saturday.

Heartshift Module

This past weekend we also hosted a module talking about reconciliation among First Nations peoples. It was a good time of reflection on what has happened that has so wounded our First Nations brothers and sisters and talked about how the church can respond.

Mobilization Team Summit

Our mobilization team from across North America were able to gather for the first time in a couple years. It was great to gather and reignite a passion for the new things that God is going to do in the coming season. I love this group of people and their passion to see lives transformed and individuals empowered to live missionally. Our time was filled with worship, prayer, and sharing ideas and team building. I feel so blessed and inspired by this team, excited for what this new season will look like.

TREK 2022

We are revamping the TREK program and relaunching it again this coming fall. TREK is an 8 month global discipleship program for young adults. The program is meant to help young adults find their identity rooted in Jesus and give them opportunities to serve. The program is broken into 6 components:

  1. Orientation – 10 days of getting to know one another including a few day canoe trip (As one large group)
  2. North America Ministry Block #1 – 4 weeks of serving alongside church plants and local ministries serving marginalized groups. (small teams)
  3. North American Ministry Block #2 – travel to different North American ministry to broaden the experience. (small teams)
  4. International Ministry Orientation – Gather all together again for one week of orientation toward global ministry before everyone departs for their global ministry contexts.
  5. Global Mission Assignment – 5 months serving alongside one of our long term missionaries supporting their ministry in places like Thailand or Uganda. (small teams)
  6. Debrief – Come back for one week of debrief to process your experience and help launch you into what God has for you next. (All together)