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Matt’s March 2021 Missions Update

Matt and Ruth Braun

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I really appreciate you walking with us as we have explored creative ways to continue discipling people toward mission this past year. With SOAR going online last year we had hoped for something in person this year. Thankfully we can have some in person groups like satellite locations for SOAR, but still hosting everything online from one central location. This means that SOAR is available for you to join. If you are interested in joining SOAR for any of the sessions, worship, or workshops please register to receive the daily emails with links to join during SOAR.

This year our theme is “here now”, where we will explore God’s call for us to be present as we are surrounded by His presence. The emails will guide you through the SOAR experience this year, with links for all live sessions and zoom calls. We will also have some great resources and materials for you to use to explore God’s heart for your local area. Mission is all around us. Mission is “here now”.

If you have never experienced a SOAR program before, this will give you an idea of what SOAR looks like. The hope is that people will encounter God deeper personally and understand His heart for local missions. Through all this we pray that people would experience their own call toward missions, wherever that might be.

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SOAR Schedule


Sessions are hosting on Hopin this year. Hopin is a conference platform, but you need to preregister. Click on the links below to register your free ticket on Hopin.

SOAR Sessions March 26-28 (orientation) registration

SOAR Sessions March 29-30 (ministry days) registration



Invite others to join SOAR

If you know of someone that might like to join the SOAR online experience this year please share this link with them and they can register for the daily emails.


Family Update

Things keep moving on here at the Braun house. It was nice to finally set up our trampoline outside so that the kids can have another place to get out and jump away some of their extra energy. It has been so nice as Abbie and Caleb have been such great older siblings and often taken Ivory and Lyric outside after supper for a fun jumping party or before the trampoline, to one of the kids rooms for a fun light and dance party.

We also added a dog to the family just after Christmas which has brought a lot of crazy puppy energy into the house. She does love to snuggle up on our laps even though she is already getting pretty big.

Abbie is coming on SOAR this year with her youth group and excited to attend not just as an observer, but as a full participant. Abbie also is working really hard (with Ruth’s help) to make 120 hand painted sugar cookies for a church’s easter communion celebration.


Before the Throne

  • Pray that God would move in the hearts of SOAR participants
  • Pray that the technical aspects of SOAR being online would run smoothly


Upcoming Events

SOAR Heartland (March 26 – 30)

TREK Debrief (May 25 – June 3)