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Matt’s March 2024 Missions Update

Posture at the Table

This year we are exploring the theme of Feast for SOAR Heartland. The idea of being invited to feast in the presence of Jesus, to invite others and to dwell in the presence of God together.

This morning as I was preparing for the first session that I will teach I am struck by the posture of humility that Jesus invites us to engage as we approach the table. Not taking the place of honour but waiting on the host. The session I am teaching will help prepare participants to encounter the learning tour, a day of exploring God’s heart for the city of Winnipeg while spending time among different ministries in Winnipeg and hearing their story of God at work among the people they serve. This will be a day for people to engage at places that are uncomfortable and out of their normal interactions. Often we can “Single Story” people. Defining their whole story from our own outside limited perspective. We tell their story for them not allowing them to define their own story.

Pray for the participants at SOAR that they would come ready, in a posture of humility, not just taking their seat at the table but allowing God to do a transforming work in their heart and ready for the invitation to be at the table. Eager to be with Jesus and invite others into that space.

Today’s Thought…

Interested in this idea of single story I invite you to watch this TED talk by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie as she defines this idea of single storying.

SOAR Update

Thank you for all your prayers. It feels like things have fallen into place. We have enough places for everyone to sleep, We will completely fill the space at Westwood but have some great plans to make this work well. Pray for good weather so people can hang out outside and we don’t feel too full in the space.

We have almost 400 planning to be at SOAR this year, which will fill the space. So excited to have so much engagement from the community around Manitoba including one church from BC.

If you are interested in volunteering please come and join our beautiful chaos.

We will be needing volunteers to help with prepping and serving food, cleaning and making cookies. If you are interested in coming to help please contact.

Before the Throne

  1. Pray for the teams as they do their last final preparations before SOAR. That they would come ready to engage.
  2. Pray for the students that they would seek after what God has for them during the week.
  3. Pray for our teachers and worship leaders that they would be anointed with God’s words.
  4. Pray for all those volunteering and planning that they would have sustaining energy to endure all the work that it takes to make SOAR happen.